Man shot dead in Albouystown


By Leroy Smith

[] – Just before 03:00 hrs on Friday morning (September 04), two gunmen opened fire on a man in Albouystown, Georgetown, killing him on the spot.

The motive for the murder is thus far unclear but iNews understands that the man was reportedly standing in close proximity to a bar in the community when the two gunmen walked up to him and opened fire.

iNews has been unable to confirm the identity of the dead man thus far. Persons in the area told this news site that the gunmen approached on foot and escaped immediately after executing the man.

The man was reportedly shot approximately nine times. Reports also indicate that two other persons in the area received injuries during the shooting, including a United States citizen.

The police arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting and examined the body of the dead man, which was left lying on the roadway. The shooting comes on the heels of the gun amnesty programme, which aims to rid the streets of illegal guns and ammunition.





  1. We have two things now going in Guyana. 1 the police commissioner accusing opposition of orchestrating crimes to make the new installed rulers look bad. 2 the gun amnesty the new security minister introduced. Bandits will make both police commissioner and security ministers look like dunces.


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