Bandits invade home of Town Clerk, Royston King

Royston King

By Leroy Smith

Royston King
Royston King

[] – Armed bandits invaded the North Ruimveldt home of City Town Clerk, Royston King and robbed him and his family early Friday morning, September 04.

iNews was informed that King and his family were asleep when the bandits entered the home, woke them up and demanded cash and other valuables. According to reports reaching iNews, King and his family were not hurt during the attack.

While it is still unclear how the men entered the house, police sources have confirmed that the family was robbed of several items, including mobile phones.

The police were informed and were able to arrest three persons this morning. iNews understands that one of the men arrested was found to be in possession of a phone similar to that which was stolen from King’s family.

The police are continuing their investigations into the robbery.



  1. FOOL the City is Georgetown not Guyana. Green should sue your ass for mouthing unsubstantiated bull crap.

  2. Lol. He is like a comedian has all the answer and not doing the right thing . as I said he don’t have a life . he take away people happiness just to show he has power . and then say he will move it to 12 if anyone ask him about it again . to be honest apnu / AFC . has lots of failure . but this guy is the biggest …we has a small population and we can zero down crime if we approach this the correct way . their are many roads / trace/path .. To reducing this problem . we need thinkers not bully to impose s@$ty laws . lol

  3. 3 scapegoat, I bet. This story does not seems right. Bandits are known to hurt people. Was anyone hurt? You don’t believe, review all the home invasion incidence that happened, since the collusion came to power. Now tell how many people were injured or die? Of course all the home invasion suffered death, or serious injury except city rasta.

  4. Inews I am just asking if PPP/C orchestrated this crime as police commissioner Seelall Persaid said. We await the findings of this from our Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud.

  5. This is the world most ugly clown I ever seen! Him and Hamilton Green should be in Jail for the amount of crime they have committed. Why are these fools running the city of Guyana? He was part of the green pack that assassinate Walter Roodney and part of the pack that cover up the fact that Mr. Green poison his wedded wife on her birthday and cremated her….Any smell the beans….she is christian and Green cremated her say it was her desire….HAHA ok, some fool believe GREEN_Like GRANGER>

  6. Did Ramjattan show up to help? the security Minister has all the answer to crime in Guyana only he is not ready to execute it as yet,he use to blame Rohee for all that happen when he was opposition,now is his time all he has done is close down the rum shop at 2 am,I guess Carol must be smiling.

  7. As the victim of a home invasion myself, I extend my sympathy with Mr Royston King and his family. Thank goodness none of them was injured.


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