Man shot dead; female injured during robbery


crime[] – A so far unidentified man was shot dead moments ago while he and a female were in a vehicle on Vlissengen Road, Georgetown at the traffic light.

The woman was also shot. They were both rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where the man was pronounced dead.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that two men on CG motorcycles were trailing the man after he exited a city bank. The men rode up to the driver seat of the car and took away a bag reportedly with money.

The now dead man put up a fight when he was shot. iNews’ Reporter Tracey Khan Drakes is at the scene and will provide more details shortly.



  1. It’s about time the banking industry and financial sector in Guyana graduate to a more cashless operation. We need to use more cheques, debit cards, credit cards and internet banking. No one in this day and age should have to be moving large amounts of cash in bags, suitcases and carton boxes. Guyana with all of the so called strides being made has much work to do with regards to the banking sector. This will surely go along way in helping to stem the flow of people’s blood for their hard earned money.

  2. Banking SUCKS!
    Banks should be able to do internet banking by now.
    ROBBERS on motor cycles must be stopped.
    The same way how Forbes Burnham took away guns, take away all motor cycles if they are not registered.
    Special permanent neon plates should be installed OR SOMETHING FOR POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION AT SIGHT.
    The police must have the right to do random checks, BUT SOMETHING MUST BE DONE..

  3. when are we going to name these banks!! this regular robberies of persons leaving banks is too commonplace to be random. it seems that people in the banks are telling of persons transactions.


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