Man charged for allegedly sexually molesting teen at GPHC

Anand Singh
Anand Singh
Anand Singh

[] – A man who is accused of sexually molesting a teenage girl while she was a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital, on Thursday made his first court appearance before Magistrate Ann McLennan to answer to the offence.

It is alleged that the accused – Anand Singh, 48,  of West Coast Demerara on Saturday October 3, 2015 at the Georgetown Public Hospital, while posing to be a Medical Staff at the Institute, he sexually molested a 16 – year – old girl who was at the time a patient at the said Hospital.

The matter as it was related in court was done in private; however information from the court revealed that Singh was eventually remanded to prison.

It is further reported that Singh on Saturday last, crept his way into the medical institute in the wee hours of the night and headed directly to the female ward.

It was there that eyewitnesses explained about 00:30 hours, they were awoken to the sounds of screams coming from a female patient of the ward.

Upon investigation, they discovered Singh on the bed of the teenin the act of molesting her as she was crying.

The teenager, who is reported to be confined to a bed, later confirmed the allegation to be true.

According to further reports, the perpetrator was seen groping the teen, pleading with her to be quite as he continued with his unsound behavior.



  1. Now what in the world the government has to do with that pervert doing what he did. You must be an idiot to make that connection. Only a fool would think the way you do. Think the ppp crooks would be able to do any Better. Daily the people are being made aware of the mega dollars either misused or cannot be accounted for. Be for real and wake up from your stupor.

  2. Are the Management of GPHC still there, they should all be gone by now including the great Minister of Public Health, Hospitals are being used as whore houses under this new government in just under 5 months

  3. the country falling apart ,, no one safe anywhere under the gov,, this it to show the minority of the electorate want to change from good to worst ,, wow,,

  4. I hope he gets a lot of loving in the JAIL, nuff boy friend,,I also hope to see those concern Guyanese like DK,West Dem shouting out loud on this worm,


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