Tourism Minister collecting data on Ramjattan’s 2:00AM decree


By Jomo Paul

Hughes[] – Tourism Minister Kathy Hughes has revealed that her Ministry is currently in the process of collecting data on a the 2:00AM night spot close off time being enforced by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjatan.

Commonly referred to as “Ramjattan’s Decree”, the enforcement of the law has attracted a slew of comments in recent months with some being against it, while others have shown some support.

When asked about the policy on Thursday, given that the Ministry is pushing an entertainment tourism agenda, Hughes confirmed that she is in consultation with stakeholders.

“What we are doing right now is collecting some very interesting information. I would say within another two weeks we would be able to really make an analysis of what the effects are,” said Hughes.

The Minister revealed that the consultations so far have led her to discussions with night club proprietors and individuals within civil society.

“I think that in fairness to Minister Ramjattan, he has explained the reason why it was implemented…it’s not that this is unusual, it was implemented to curb crime,” she stated.

The Minister does not believe that there is a simple solution to the issue at hand but one can be found by properly evaluating it.

“I agree with you, there is no question it certainly would have created a loss of income to some extent,” said Hughes.

Upon assuming office some four months ago, Ramjattan implemented the 2AM policy as a means of tackling the issue of crime facing the nation, hoping it would serve as a deterrent; however his decision was met with much resistance from the business community, who complained about loss of revenue.

At a post cabinet media briefing on Friday, August 28, Ramjattan told reporters that if he decides to change his mind, it would be to place the curfew for bars and nightclubs at 12 midnight, which is in accordance with the law.

He maintains that there is a correlation between heavy drinking at 2AM and after as it relates to violent crimes and domestic violence, noting that the Ministry of Public Security has the statistics to prove it.

“It is very much correlated; heavy drinking with violence, abuse of women and so on and I am not going to change that. The law is…it must be at 12’ O clock. It’s only the high ranking hotels and so on that can go until 2 in the morning…And if there’s any change that I’m going to make quite frankly, this administration, well at least my ministerialship would like to bring it forward to 12’o clock,” Ramjattan told the news conference.




  1. So I guess no exception for New years eve. No mention ever about that and if businesses can apply for a special licence for that night.

  2. Criminals don’t care for law. Mr,Ramjathan need to think out of the box. All crimes are well planned.
    You need to strengthen the force. Just like you guys they need more salary to work better.

  3. when these same business persons who complain about losing revenue etc, go to the US and Canada, they obey the laws there… even right down to those having to do with littering. Why must they disrespect the laws of Guyana, just to get rich?

  4. Is it all about business?
    Is killing business more important than having Guyanese killed; even if its only one?
    How many persons were killed at or in the vicinity of these businesses?
    What is the cost of a human life?
    How many business persons getting richer is worth the life of a Guyanese?

  5. Mrs Hughes,please allow the Hon Minister Mr Ramjattan to execute his dties.He is the security Minister and should have the support of the other Ministers,there should not be any back peddling on his decision.Once again your supporters are looking at you and just thread lightly.

  6. After you finish collecting data on Ramjattan, your next job is to collect data on Felix re:the number of tourists he chased back from Guyana, directly and indirectly. Bring the Chief Statistician under your Ministry.

    Since taking up office this Minister has done absolutely nothing for the Ministry of Tourism, except being a tourist herself all over the place under the guise of “marketing Guyana”. This Ministry is sucking the treasury with nothing to show for its activities.
    TIP: There is a lot of internal work to be done.

  7. Discussions now after a arrogant dictatorial pronouncements? Okay, kathy, help him to take away his shame and save face for the PNC.

  8. Tourism Minister collecting data on Ramjattan’s 2:00AM decree.

    It was implemented to curb crime,” she stated.

    I hope the US Government sees the clueless rulers they installed to rule Guyana.

    They would have you believe that this is intended to curb crimes.

    How dumb do they think Guyanese are really? They are the dumb ones.

    This 2 AM shit was implemented to stop a certain sector of the population to get in line and stop their lawlessness and vulgarity.

    Ramjattan even said some wives told him thanks. Thanks for what?

    Do all married working class men leaves their wives and kids if any to go woop it up at 2 AM ? They telling a certain sector of Guyanese what they want them to hear.

    Do criminals pick a special hour to commit crimes?

    For Christ’s sake you in broad day light on the streets going about your business and they robbing you. Ramjattan & Hughes are dummies but they have to go along with each other. I wish she would be more vocal on what her husband Nigel Hughes perpetrated against East Indians on Agricola Public road !!


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