Man busted with 2kg ganja in bucket – at NA

A man is now in Police custody awaiting court proceedings after he was busted earlier today with two kilograms of cannabis sativa in his possession for the purpose of trafficking, at New Amsterdam, Berbice.
The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, disembarked a boat which would transport passengers from villages along the Berbice River to the New Amsterdam Market wharf.
He then started to proceed to Strand Street, New Amsterdam, carrying a five-gallon bucket. While he was proceeding in the vicinity of M. Ally’s Service Station at the New Amsterdam Market, Police ranks on mobile patrol duty observed him and became suspicious. They then stopped him to conduct a search, and during the search, they discovered the narcotics concealed in the bucket.
They arrested the man, and another man who identified himself as the brother of the suspected drug trafficker approached the ranks offering them an incentive for his brother’s release. However, after the officers warned him that he could also be arrested, he quickly left the scene. 
INews understands that the suspect is currently in the Reliance Police Station lock-ups awaiting arraignment.
Over the years, Police have claimed that there were several marijuana farms situated along the Upper Berbice River. On several occasions, raids have been conducted in that part of the country, but in recent times, Police have only been able to destroy cultivated fields and camps. Arrests are seldom made during such drug eradication operations.
However, over the last three months, the Police have been intercepting many persons trying to transport relatively large quantities of cannabis in Berbice. Commander of B (Berbice) Division, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Griffith had declared a war on the illegal drug trade in December last. Since then, more than one dozen persons have been convicted of possession of cannabis sativa while a similar number are in prison for trafficking in the illegal plant. New Amsterdam is considered a transshipment point where the narcotics arrive. According to information received, the cannabis intended for Georgetown and neighbouring Suriname is usually transported along the Berbice and Canje Rivers.


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