Opposition Leader warns party supporters against “repeating mistake of voter complacency”


The importance of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic gaining control over local government authorities was highlighted by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo during a meeting with residents of Patentia, West Bank Demerara, on Saturday.

The Opposition Leader was at the time meeting with residents to discuss issues affecting them while encouraging that they exercise their democratic franchise at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE), slated for March 18.

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo meeting with Patentia residents
Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo meeting with Patentia residents

Jagdeo noted that it is essential for the party to gain power in the local areas, so that the needs of persons at the grassroots levels can be more adequately addressed. Supporters were warned against repeating the “mistake of voter complacency.”

During the meeting, the Opposition Leader also decried the Government’s handling of the Wales Estate closure, noting that the PPP’s recommendations were not acknowledged or heeded by the Administration.

“My fear is that they are spending it [money] so rapidly on things that are not important; nothing to the productive sectors where people are employed or anything that would generate income or wealth for the country,” Jagdeo stressed.

Part of the gathering at the community meeting
Part of the gathering at the community meeting

The former President also explained that if these spending patterns continue, money from the treasury “will disappear” and the country will have to “start borrowing” and will eventually end up again in a situation of being heavily indebted.

Jagdeo pointed out that if the Administration does not start reducing excessive spending then “they’re going to take us right back in the past.”

Jagdeo reminded residents there are only three weeks left before LGE and stated that the party should strive to attain victories in at least 50 of the country’s Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs).

He also encouraged youths in the area to assist the older supporters in getting to the polling stations to ensure the party is successful at the 2016 polls.

The former President informed this publication that the prospects of the PPP gaining majority of the NDCs across the country in March are “great.”

“The prospects are great; we are looking to win a significant majority of all of the 72 areas contesting,” stated Jagdeo.

On Saturday, Jagdeo along with PPP/C Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali held several LGE meetings on West Bank Demerara.

This year’s Local Government Elections will be the first since 1994.







  1. Even within the PPP party,there were RIGGED ELECTIONS,that caused many important members to LEAVE.That is why the party is a shell now,to what it used to be.Only opportunists are hanging on to see what they can get.

  2. Winston Jordan is far more qualified than you Jagdeo,in many areas,there is no doubt about that.So,no matter how much schooling you hand out,you are going to lose again.No amount of divisive methods you use will help,LIGHT ALWAYS OVERCOMES DARKNESS.

  3. I know this one is a bit harsh on PPP but the fact remains that PPP has no security on its side to protect its people.

  4. Opposition Leader warns party supporters against “repeating mistake of voter complacency”
    You warning people not to be complacency so when people warn you that they are terrified of PNC thugs what did you do or what could you have done?
    They pounded Kwame face and nothing happened.
    The PNC thugs went on a tear beating and robbing East Indians and Granger said the people are angry… Angry for winning? What did you do to stop this? I tell you what.. You did nothing because you could do nothing about it.
    PNC rigged election to stay in power with the blessings of the international community and the so called kit and kin CARCOM. East Indians suffered PNC and their thugs brutality- why you think all the steel bars on windows and doors – people living like they have to imprisoned themselves- their homes are their own jail cells and that didnt even stop the PNC terrorists from kicking down their doors or lighting fires under their homes to flsch them out.
    PPP got power in 92 and did the PNC thuggery stopped? Hell no it did not.
    I sound angry? U bet I am because PPP has no security on its side to protect its supporters.

  5. Jagdeo I totally agree with you. I left Guyana many years just as Jagan took power and was so shocked when I went back to see how far you had developed the Guyana economy that even the cane cutters had the best cars and houses. The PNC supporters do not care if they have to starve but as long as they have the power to loot, steal and rig, they will try to keep them in power. These are people who refused to work and look for easy money….


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