Mahaicony man allegedly stabbed to death by Brother – in – Law

Dead: Alvy Richmond


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Alvy Israel Richmond
Dead: Alvy Israel Richmond

[] – Fifty – two – year old Alvy Israel Richmond was stabbed in the region of the heart, allegedly by the male companion of his sister.

The incident reportedly stemmed over an argument concerning the use of the deceased mother’s property at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara.

Speaking with iNews this evening at her home, Ernestine Richmond, the mother of the dead man said her son came home just after 17:00 hours and was chatting with her before heading to use the washroom.

She recalled that the washroom was occupied by Travis, whom she identified as the male companion of her daughter. The woman informed that the facility has a toilet and bath and when Richmond attempted to enter the toilet, the entrance door to both of the facilities was closed.

An argument erupted between the two and Richmond then ordered Travis out of the yard but the man was reluctant to leave. He instead challenged Richmond to a fight inviting him on the roadway but Richmond reportedly declined those invitations and the arguments continued.

Mrs Richmond said that she was sitting in the kitchen throughout the ordeal listening to the men when she saw her son stumbling through the front door, with blood flowing from his chest.

She said he could not speak and upon closer inspection, she realised that a knife was sticking out of her son’s stomach.

She immediately called for help and persons rushed to the home and assisted the man but were unable to get a vehicle to take him to the hospital.

The assailant has been arrested and is in police custody.




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