Mae’s Director says she is no expert on guns, assumed it was a toy


By Kurt Campbell

[] – While teachers at the Mae’s Primary School have admitted that a seven – year – old, Grade Two student took a gun to school and ran another student, threatening to shoot her, the Director is claiming that herself along with other teachers were unable to confirm whether the gun was real and loaded.

iNews (  was reliably informed that the firearm was in fact real and loaded. Some parents believe that the excuse being given by the Director is a foolish one and speculates that a cover-up was afoot.

The school held a meeting with parents on Friday, March 21 where the issue was widely discussed.

Following reportage by this news entity ( police have been ordered by the Commissioner, Leroy Brumell to carry out an investigation into the matter.

The Director told parents one week after the incident occurred, that the gun was brought to her by a prefect. She told parents she is no expert on guns and could not say whether it was real; leading her to assume it was a toy. The Director claimed that she called another teacher to examine the weapon but that teacher could not ascertain either.

iNews ( understands that the following day police visited to the institution, stating that there was an incident at the school and they had come to investigate.

iNews ( learnt that the matter was denied and a such investigators left.

Parents have speculated that the manner in which the matter was handled and how parents were notified signals some attempt on the school’s part to cover up the matter. The School has committed however to ensure that any incident of similar nature that may occur in the future is reported to the relevant authorities.

Irate and outraged parents are already calling for the student to be expelled and action taken against the parents.

When contacted on Thursday, March 20 the Director would neither confirm nor reject the reports.

She had promised iNews ( an interview today to provide more information; however, she refused the interview when contacted. Parents have urged for more stringent security measures at the institution.




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