Local Entertainment Company under investigation for drugs, money laundering


money laundering[www.inewsguyana.com] – A popular local entertainment, TV and Radio company is currently being investigated for suspected ties to international drug smuggling and money laundering rings.

A source close to the investigation confirmed that the probe is underway with authorities from across the law enforcement spectrum looking into possible shady dealings of the entity.

According to the source, while the businessmen have been under their radar for some time now, the investigations were intensified with a recent bust made in Canada.

iNews understands that investigators are looking at the recently construction of a multi million facility that was recently opened in Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Officials suspect that money used to build the resort may have been laundered.

“They have always been under investigation. The father was deported from the US for drug trafficking,” the source told iNews.

iNews contacted one of the proprietors of the company on Friday, November 06, where it was revealed that he is unaware of any investigation into him or his business entity.

“We’re under investigation? I have no idea about that,” the businessman said.




  1. Nurses and doctors should have mal practice insurance, so that victims of their incompetent behavior can be compensated, their licence should be suspended for one year and they should be recertified ,

  2. Jackass gat lang ears, yet cannot hear his own story.
    The GPF had been deliberately compromised, underpaid ,distrusted and emasculated, so that those with the right connections can flourish.
    Look out for more kidnappings and executions before this thing burst wide open. Fortunately Guyana is too small for secrets to survive indefinitely …..all ah’ we know de ”men”.


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