Nurse sent on leave after new born falls off cot


new-born-baby-hand[] – Minister of Health, Dr George Norton has ordered a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident of a new born baby boy, who fell off his cot one hour after being born at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

iNews understands the nurse, who was responsible for the new born, has been sent on leave as the investigation continues; additionally the ward supervisor, the doctors and all the nurses who were on duty are also being investigated.

iNews has been reliably informed that as a result of the fall, the baby is bleeding in the brain and will require surgery. The baby’s mother, Pholmattie Ramjattan, recalled to reporters what occurred on November 03.

“After I delivered, I was on the bed and the nurse who was cleaning me left saying that she going home. When she left I had to leave and go outside because they needed the bed to deliver another patient,” Ramjattan said.

According to the woman, while waiting outside, a male doctor informed her that one of the nurses had caused her baby to fall.

“When he said that, I went in to see and I see they had my baby wrapped and he was in a corner so I asked them why my baby not wearing clothes and they said that they have to take him to do a scan to see if any bones break because he get a hard fall.”

There are different versions being told of how the baby fell off the cot; some saying that he rolled off and others claiming that the nurse dropped him.




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