Linden Businesswoman shot dead during robbery


crime scene[] – Businesswoman, 45 – year – old Shevon Gordon was shot dead on Saturday night (April 04) after she refused to hand over a bag of money to two armed men.

According to a police report, at about 19:30 hrs, Gordon of Block 22, Wismar, Linden and her husband Elon Gordon, 48 years, were about to enter their home in their vehicle when two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, confronted the businesswoman who was out of the vehicle.

The men demanded a bag with cash that Shevon had in her possession and she resisted, after which she was shot; the men then took away the bag and ran away.

According to the police, they were pursued by Elon Gordon and his son, 23 year old Devon, who managed to catch up with the perpetrators. A scuffle ensued during which he was shot to his left thigh and the men then escaped with the bag and money.

Shevon Gordon and her son were taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival, while her son has been admitted to hospital for medical treatment.



  1. This is the RAP culture of ‘no snitch’.
    People wake up.
    Listen to me.
    They RAP CRAP and get you to buy their trash.
    They brainwash you not to snitch and don’t help police.
    It so happen now that you have bought into their stupidness.
    Did you not notice how they kill one another before?
    Well it is reaching the floor now.
    Everyone is at risk.

  2. The number of robberies is on the increase daily with and it seems as if the security forces are unable to do anything about it. Increased in robberies during the election period is not unheard of in Guyana. Accusations from all quarters especially the political opposition are being made against the government. The sad part is the political opposition is using this to score cheap political points at the expense of the victims and passing the blame on the government but do not support or offer any initiative to address the situation. The Police must be more aggressive in its approach to crime detection using every available means at its disposal. Criminals/bandits would stop at nothing in order to rob and escape with their booty; killing injuring and maiming their victims. Take them out of the society. Fight fire with fire.If the bandits can shoot then the police can do the same.Justice for the victims at all cost.

  3. only a matter of time before crime reaches out and touch all one is immune regardless of race color creed religion…this is granger stronghold…pnc stronghold..but granger cant stop these crimes and these criminals but yet in the same breath running up to berbice–whim..essiquibo yapping his mouth off that he will stop crimes and he will protect them.. granger is most definitely a danger.. pnc basil williams had to admit pnc bussed in their supporters from georgetown and other places to pack essiquibo..bus them in to pack whim…but the danger granger wont admit to pnc rigged elections..danger granger was big man in gdf while gdf were busy fetching ballot boxes…gdf even killed too to have those ballot box in their place of counting…danger granger i have a question for u an all pnc..where is that 70% to 80% votes pnc used to get prior to 92???????????


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