Kidnapper shaved Baby’s head; wore Hijab as a disguise



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The baby in the arms of his mother at the Whim Police Station.
The baby in the arms of his mother at the Whim Police Station.

[] – The woman who kidnapped the baby boy in Berbice is yet to be identified; however she used the Hijab [Muslim head dress] as a disguise.

iNews was reliably informed that the woman and a male are currently in police custody. It is yet to be confirmed if the male is her husband. The baby was found alive and in good health by the police today, Sunday June 01 in Chesney Village on the Corentyne at the house of the alleged kidnapper’s Mother-in-law.

According to reports reaching iNews, the woman told the police she was pregnant, however, when she was taken to the hospital, it was proven otherwise.

Reports also indicated that the woman is not from Berbice but is a resident from one of the interior locations.

Commander of the ‘B’ Division, Brian Joseph confirmed that the woman and a male are in custody and that his division is thoroughly investigating the incident.

It is believed that the woman took the child to several locations before she was caught and celebrated the “nine day” two days ago. iNews was also informed that the alleged kidnapper shaved the baby’s head.

The reason for the kidnapping is unclear. Anxious and angry Berbicians gathered outside the Whim Police station where the mother and they baby are along with the kidnapper to get a glimpse of the child.

The baby's parents: Ravikant Bistonauth and Sandra McLean. [iNews' Photo]
The baby’s parents: Ravikant Bistonauth and Sandra McLean. [iNews’ Photo]
Baby ‘Avi’ was born on May 15 and was kidnapped nine days after. Father of the baby boy, Ravikant Vistonauth said his wife met the woman at the hospital when she went there to deliver her baby. Since then the woman has been visiting their home.


“She said she like the baby and use to bring a set of thing, every day she used to come by the house and spend hours,” he said.

Vistonauth related that on May 24, the woman came to the house and took his wife and the baby to the market. He said his wife told him that the woman offered to hold the baby for her while she went to get fish but upon her return neither the woman nor the child could be found.

Upon inquiring, she was told that the woman left in a car. The driver later confirmed that he dropped the woman at Tain.



  1. So one responder calling the other a fool without digesting the actual initial response….question, will you let a stranger hold your ‘days’ old baby in a market ?

  2. Karim, u dont be a fool… Either it was because of lack of attention or not.. That crazy woman is not entitled to judge either the parents are fit or not… It is not her job. Even when child services take your child, they do so with your knowledge. Please…

  3. this ‘kidnapping’ seems more like new parents ‘napping’ on their new responsibility…The article above, while not clearly written to explicitly state this is kidnapping..asserts in headline that hijab used as disguise…not much to disguise if someone allows you to ‘hold’ the baby while they get fish ?..


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