GFF Congress passes no-confidence motion against Matthias

Christopher Matthias


Christopher Matthias
Christopher Matthias

[] – The umbrella body of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) passed a ‘No confidence’ motion against embattled GFF President, Christopher Matthias.

iNews Sport understands that Ivan Persaud, who was performing duties as the Vice President will now take the position as the President (ag) in the interim while other members are yet to be disclosed.

The last congress meeting which was held on April 26 at the Regency Suites in Georgetown saw a no-confidence motion against the same Matthias which led to the reconvening of the Congress within 45 days.

The Congress yesterday was observed by CONCACAF’s Director of Legal Affairs Marco Leal, FIFA’s Developmental Officer, Howard McIntosh and CONCACAF’s Legal Advisor Bruce Blake, was a heated one from the onset as the leading local football executives sat down to discuss the state of affairs with regards the game’s administration.

Ivan Persaud
Ivan Persaud

Matthias was absent from yesterday’s proceedings and his reasoning was that he was not informed though members of the Congress proved otherwise.

The now President (ag) Ivan Persaud said that the council does not expect him (Matthias) to just sit there, roll over and walk out of office; they expect him to post a challenge.




  1. The first act the new President (ag) should be to rescind the unconstitutional, unprescedented and inhumane bans on UDFA Executives.
    He should then call for all ICMs to have elections, a financial accounting of all affiliates and developmental programmes for football for each affillate.


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