Kaneville murder might not have been robbery related

Dead: Mark London.

By Leroy Smith

Dead: Mark London.
Dead: Mark London.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – When the teenaged bandit walked up to Mark London and his friend on August 14 and whipped out a gun, his intention may not have been to rob London and he certainly was not interested in the man’s friend.

Speaking with iNews yesterday during a visit by ‘A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken and a group of police officers , Kelan Roger-Beet recalled the confrontation with the lone gunman.

“London came by me early the morning and then we left to go at my cousin. When we pass I see the persons standing at the corner and when we pass back he was still there and when we were getting ready to head back to my apartment he walk up to Mark and tell he pass the thing.”

The young man said that immediately after asking London to “pass the thing” the man fired a shot at London’s leg and missed and they both ran up the road, away from the gunman. Beet said that the gunman did not pay any attention to him but focused on London.

Persons in the area had described the killing as a robbery/murder, but when persons rushed to London’s aid, he was still wearing his gold chain and had his cell phone in his possession.

The same Beet also stated to iNews, in the presence of the police, that a few nights before the murder he saw the very suspect arguing with his cousin’s boyfriend and recalled that it would be the first time he saw the young man.

Commander Hicken promised the family of the dead man that the suspect will be captured and no stone would be left unturned. The suspect is reportedly hiding in Linden according to information reaching both the police and the media.




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