Kaieteur Falls tourist cremated during emotional service

Family members and others gathered for the cremation. [iNews' Photo]

The casket being carried to the cremation ground. [iNews' Photo]
The casket being carried to the cremation ground. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The body of the tourist, who went missing at the Kaieteur National Park (KNP) more than two weeks ago, was cremated on Thursday, September 17 at the Good Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) crematorium in the presence of a weeping crowd.

Gyaneshwarie ‘Laleta’ Sivanand went missing on September 01 while on a trip to the Kaieteur Falls; however her body was only found on September 12. A ranger had spotted the body in the gorge of the falls.

Since the woman went missing, there was some suspicion that she may have jumped from the 741 Feet single drop waterfall. The results of a post mortem conducted early Thursday are not yet available.

Family members and others gathered for the cremation. [iNews' Photo]
Family members and others gathered for the cremation. [iNews’ Photo]
At the funeral, the woman’s mother stood on the cremation tarmac along with several other family members and wept bitterly. Clad in black and white, friends and former colleagues of the woman also paid their last respects to e Sivanand.

Dead: Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivinand
Dead: Gyaneshwarie Laleta Sivinand

iNews had reported that Sivanand was seen crying while on the phone on the plane; however when the aircraft landed at the Falls, she appeared perky.

It was reported that the flight had a total of nine passengers and sometime during the tour, she was discovered to be missing. Contrary to what the woman had told people on the trip, she is neither a doctor nor an environmentalist.



  1. There are a lots of question surrounding this woman death we should no longer accept a culture when someone is missing or dead we say it’s sucide we need to start question everyone starting whit everyone who knows her to know if she have problems and if it’s big enough to give her a motive to kill herself we need to know what happen whit this beautiful woman Guyanese woman are very special they are the keys to every successful family let’s protect them

  2. Please she is no more.No one knows the problem surrounding her before she did what she did.But l guess it must be a lot more than she can bear.Not everyone handles problem in the same manner.let us not be so harsh on her actions .That,s what we are place in this world for to embrace and offer our hands in time of need and share their pain.

  3. It so sad.God comfort this family through it all.Often we all make speculations and criticized instead of offering a helping hand before it,s too late.

  4. Ms Liza Etkins – While it is not nice to speak bad things about the dead, if this beautiful young woman went to the Kaieteur Falls – paid good money to do so – told other passengers that she was what she was not – caused the other passengers much heartache when she went missing – the days and days of searching for her – the cost to the Guyanese Tax Payers – the embarrassment of the Tour Operator, and to the Ministry of Tourism – the story going out all around the World that a young woman had jumped to her death at Guyana’s premier Tourist location!

    Not only were the Parents, Relatives friends and colleagues of this woman tramautised by her suicude, but most decent people all around the world who have learned of this tragedy. RiP. YES, Ms Liza Etkins, it is necessary to tell the full, true story of how she mis-represented herself to the other tourists, and all who read the story at the time when it was Breaking News.

    What needs to be known now, Ms Liza Etkins, is the WHY she took her life – and in such a dramatized way. Right now, there is an Anti-suicide concern here in Guyana – a country which is listed as being Number one for suicides in the World!

  5. Did you read the same report as everyone else. It says “The results of a post mortem conducted early Thursday are not yet available.” It is unfortunate that there are people like you who take everything and turn it into something that it is not to get your five minutes of fame. SAD

  6. No Post Mortem (or Autopsy) Done On Suspect Suicide/Murder Victim?

    If there was no Post Mortem or AUTOPSY conducted. It is obvious to me that Foul Play may have been a part of this suicide/murder scenario.

    Until some Official Declaration to validate or contradict all speculations for the above allegations or assumptions.

    I will assume that a COVER UP of all evidence was obviously done.

  7. Suicide is a culture with a section of the population of this country. At one time Cotton Tree on the West Coast of Berbice, had a suicide almost every other month! And in almost every case, it was a young person. Condolences to the relatives and friends of this most recent suicide victim. RiP.


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