Joint Services team on high alert in Eteringbang as Venezuela’s Opposition, military prepare to visit


[] – The Joint Services team at the Eteringbang is on high alert following information that the Venezuelan political opposition will be visiting the area accompanied by military personnel.

Government spokesperson, Dr. Roger Luncheon told a news conference that the government has taken note of the recent attention being paid by the political opposition in Venezuela to Eteringbang and the bordering Guyanese communities.

“This interest is in the context of their attitude to Guyana’s Essequibo. One that is felt to be massaged in the eve of the imminent electoral process in Venezuela. The historic opposition parties in Venezuela have seized on this nationalistic overture it would seem to enhance their appeal,” Dr. Luncheon said.

He explained that according to their published plans, the members particularly their legislators have undertaken to visit and have been visiting Eteringbang accompanied by elements of the Venezuelan paramilitary establishment.

According to Dr. Luncheon, “Our joint services detachments in the location have been made aware of these planned visits and they have been ordered to remain vigilant.”

Venezuela and Guyana have long argued about the status of the disputed Essequibo region, an area on the border and over rights to the ocean resources that lie offshore. Venezuela calls it a “reclamation zone,” but in practice it functions as Guyanese territory.

Critics of President Nicolas Maduro, who replaced the late Hugo Chavez as Venezuela’s leader after winning an election earlier this year, say he is exploiting international incidents to try and distract attention from domestic woes.

About a month ago, Venezuela seized a U.S ship which was conducting an oil exploration in Guyana’s waters. Venezuela claimed that the ship was in its waters.



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