Opposition wants stricter gun control policies; Govt. says more well trained specialized units

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[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Home Affairs Ministry in a statement on Wednesday, November 13 said Tuesday’s  shooting incident on Middle Street, Georgetown which left five persons dead reinforces the contention of the Ministry, that there is a dire need for well-trained Specialized Units in the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

“We are now more than committed to ensure that the SWAT team is established in the Force within the time frame stipulated” the statement added.

However, while the Ministry on the one hand has recognized such a need, the main opposition party – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – has lashed out at the Ministry; condemning what it says are lax policies on gun ownership and control, and the resulting rise in armed robberies and gun crimes.

Opposition Leader David Granger while making reference to the Middle Street ‘massacre’ stated that “a big part of the problem was the rampant gun running; lax attitude to gun licensing by the Ministry of Home Affairs; and weak law enforcement by the Guyana Police Force.”

Granger also seized the opportunity to reiterate his call for tighter border security to prevent illegal guns entering the country; increase in the strength of the Guyana Police Force and improvement in the standard of training for its members.

Gold Miner Deryck Kanhai went on a rampage on Tuesday discharging rounds indiscriminately killing an employee of Crown’s Taxi Service (which was housed in his building) and another man.

Police responded to this report and was held at bay for three hours during which time, two other ranks were shot dead. The man who police said is a licensed firearm holder reportedly shot himself in the end.

The Home Affairs Ministry in this regard commended the ranks who responded for their bravery in the circumstances.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs is deeply saddened over the shooting incident that occurred on Tuesday at Middle and East Streets which resulted in the death of five persons, including two Policemen and the alleged shooter.”

The Ministry which is headed by People’s Progressive Party General Secretary Clement Rohee said the shooting incident was most unfortunate and extended condolences to the relatives of the Policemen who lost their lives in the line of duty and the two civilians who were brutally murdered.




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