Investigation launched into suspected ‘powered carbon’ found in rice at GDF base

suspected ‘powered carbon’ found in rice at GDF base
suspected ‘powered carbon’ found in rice at GDF base

[] – The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has called in the Guyana Police Force to investigate the presence of a strange substance found in a bag of rice delivered to Base Camp Stephenson in Timehri.

A press release from the GDF said that at approximately 06:30 hours on Saturday, April 25 a sealed bag of rice was opened by ration store personnel for rice to be distributed to various kitchens at Base Camp Stephenson.

“While dipping the rice out, the two ranks observed a brown paper bag which they inadvertently tore as they dipped the rice. Inside the paperbag, was a substance suspected to be powered carbon.

“This finding was reported to the police who are currently conducting investigations into the matter. At the moment, this appears to be an isolated incident as there has been no other indication that there are any other rice bag or food items which are contaminated”, the GDF release noted.

It was further noted that the GDF will continue to exercise diligence and seek to ensure that it mitigates against any possibility of harm coming to its troops.

iNews understands that the rice came from a popular rice mill in Essequibo.



  1. This looks quite fishy to put it quite mildly as it is the food for the armed forces that is being tampered with. If the investigations are indeed done professionally, above board and without the political interference of “Roger the Lunchman” or rephrase that to be “Roger the Artful Dodger’ then the dots will be easily connected.

    Who supplied the rice to the GDF? Was it from a rice miller or grains supplier that is in bed with the PPP despots? Obviously, the contaminated grains and possibly other foodstuff is geared towards making the military rank and file terribly ill or worse case simply to immobilise them all given the expressed disgust of the PPP towards the military.

    Come May 12th and the PPP refuses to demit office peacefully then all hell will possibly break loose and the GDF will be unable to properly respond whilst the foreign assassins on the PPP’s payroll will simply reign havoc to preserve the status quo. This means that the Commissioner of Police – Seelal Persaud (a well known PPP stooge) will be able to gun down innocent civilians standing up for the democratic rights.

    There is more to this than meets the eye. The United Nations War Crimes unit at the World Court in The Hague should start getting its ducks in order because the reign of terror between 2000- 2002 when hundreds of innocent civilians that were murdered by drug lord and convicted felon – Roger Khan will require a UN Investigative Tribunal with a view to bringing those in power at the time to account for their heinous crimes against humanity. We had Trial at Nuremberg at the end of World War II when scores of high ranking Nazi officers were put on trial. Hopefully, Jagdeo, Ramsammy, Luncheon and others of a similar ilk will stand Trial at Tiger Bay.

  2. Anyone with common sense would know that the powder would be in the rice and not in a paper bag if it wasn’t a set up. Com on u have to come up with better stuff man. We are all not stupid. Lmfao


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