Manifesto: PPP/C to approach Norway for another financing plan; promises job creation


By Jomo Paul

A section of the gathering at the launch of the PPP/C Manifesto at the Guyana Marriott.
A section of the gathering at the launch of the PPP/C Manifesto at the Guyana Marriott.

[] – As part of its economic plan for the next five years, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic plans to approach Norway to acquire another financing deal with the European country as a follow up to the Low Carbon Development Strategy [LCDS].

The Party’s official manifesto – Our Vision: Guyana Version 2.0 – states that it recognizes that a greener economy in Guyana will require progress across all sectors, and the Party remains dedicated to leading the transition towards a green economy brand through sustainable, green economic growth and job creation initiatives.

The commitments include “A Second commitment period of financing with the Kingdom of Norway will be pursued, as well as other financing for avoided deforestation and ecosystem services. Using funds earned from the sale of forest climate services to support a new suite of projects aimed at: creating new, low carbon jobs for small entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and hinterland communities; improving and expanding infrastructure on the coast and hinterland to support climate change adaptation; and improving early warning systems and forecasting capabilities and emergency response mechanisms and iplementing a programme in collaboration with international partners and expertise to improve energy efficiency and install low-carbon technology in key productive sectors aimed at value-adding. Emphasis will be placed on agriculture, forestry and manufacturing.”

Incumbent President, Donald Ramotar arrives for the launching of the Manifesto.
Incumbent President, Donald Ramotar arrives for the launching of the Manifesto.

It was stated that through Guyana’s oil and gas sector which is expected to boom sometime this year, the PPP administration has promulgated that the oil and gas sector will provide hundreds of jobs which will prove to be an additional boost to Guyana’s economy.

“Our agenda for the sustainable development of the mining sector acknowledges the country’s rich mineral resources, coupled with the need to respect its forests and wildlife and the rights of the Amerindian communities, balanced with the necessity of encouraging wider economic growth and creating employment opportunities,” the document noted.

According to the PPP, it will continue to secure and maintain the natural capital of Guyana by protecting 99.5% of forests while at the same time promoting sustainable utilization for the benefit of all Guyanese. We will ensure the highest level of environmental performance by industries and guarantee a safe and healthy environment for all citizens.

Over the next five years, three new large modern gold mines will be operational which will create hundreds of new jobs, as well as new investments in oil and gas exploration and possibly development, the manifesto said.

Manifesto picIt was also stated that, a review of the current Incentives Portfolio for the mining sector will be undertaken with emphasis on small and medium scale mining for gold and diamond mining.

Meanwhile, the document also detailed intended policies for economic growth, the creation of jobs and wealth such as the construction of Call Centres in Enmore, East Coast Demerara, Tushen, West Coast Demerara, Corentyne, Linden and Essequibo Coast.

It was noted that the call centres will create more than 5000 direct jobs. Additionally, should they be voted back into the office, the Party has promised the construction of Chip Factories in Wakenaam and Leguan, which are expected to create more than 40 direct jobs for women and youths.

View the full manifesto here:



  1. Guyana the forever begging country.. We beg and beg and beg.. We gotta stay poor and live pun begging and borrowing. So much natural resources so little benefits.. Let’s continue to put systems in place to keep the begging strong.
    Keep up the cult like practices to your parties and politicians. Don’t worry Guyana is good as it always will be.

  2. Phantom man used his correct name after a long time. Maybe your bosses Felix and Williams instruct you to use it. Anyway I guess by now everyone knows that you Andrew, blog with the names Cheddi, Trevis, Albert, looknah, Shaun, Investor, guy and ana, Ishmael, car, sceptic, pandit, Baboo, stanny, C.I. Lewis, etc.
    Rigging is all you PNC people know.

  3. PPP I have a plan for yalll…take all your support base tax dollars and pump it into linded—buxton–agricola…these are very depressed communities..matters not they all dressed with btand name stuff…they are all depressed repressed compressed..give them free transport free water free electrivity for they are so depressed..its does not matter they will bite the hands that feed them…in this de donald wont have to lie to his supporters why nothing was done in their donald cant blame it on contractors not showing up..its most amazing contractors showed up promptly in pnc stronghold villages but not ppp stronghold villages..

  4. there we go again with the list of promises, linden take note especially because you promise of transmitter is still unfulfilled


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