‘I lost everything, everything!’ – Sophia fire victim


By Kurt Campbell

Lovern Trotz and six other persons are now homeless. [iNews' Photo]
Lovern Trotz and six other persons are now homeless. [iNews’ Photo]
 [www.inewsguyana.com] – Seven persons are now homeless after a mid-morning fire gutted their ‘A’ Field Sophia home on Thursday (November 28).

According to Lovern Trotz, who lived in the upper flat of the two storey house along with her two grandchildren, she received a call just after 10:00hrs to say that the house was on fire.

Trotz, who was at work at the time rushed home to find only the frame of the fully furnished house she left just two hours ago standing.

The weeping grandmother said she has every reason to believe the fire was electrical in nature. “My father who was at home said there were about three power surges for the morning and the fire started in the roof so that has to be electrical.”

The house was completely destroyed and the family was not able to save anything.IMG-20131128-00483

However, despite her misfortune Trotz had a lesson to teach. “We take things for granted until we have it no more, unfortunately all I’m left with, with all I had, is what I’m wearing now” she said, adding that “people walk around and we see them homeless but we don’t know what makes them homeless, these things makes you homeless, fires can make you homeless, floods can make u homeless, anything can cause that.”

When asked about her next move and her loses, the woman with tears in her eyes said, “I going to spend the night in a hotel as for my losses… wow, how much are my losses? I can’t put a number on it, I’m sorry but I still have life and I will persevere.”



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