APNU in the process of selecting candidates for Local Gov’t Elections


Leader of the Opposition, David Granger (left) along with other members of the APNU. [iNews' Photo]
Leader of the Opposition, David Granger (left) along with other members of the APNU. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com]Even though they have no idea as to when the contentious Local Government Elections will be held, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is in full elections mode.

The Party officially announced the launch of its local government election campaign at a press conference on Thursday, November 28. The Party’s leader, David Granger told reporters that the APNU will not be caught off guard, thus their early preparations.

However, the campaign is costing the Party a lot of money, but Campaign Manager, Winston Felix could not provide a direct figure as to how much money will be expended.

“It would be an awesome bill because you have to take into consideration travelling, flyers, training programmes plus the equipment you might need to use…we’re in the process of tabulating cost,” Felix told reporters.

Meanwhile, the party is already in the process of identifying and recruiting suitable candidates to represent them in the various regions. According to APNU member, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine, “at the moment we’re recruiting candidates to ensure they meet the requirements of the APNU and ensure they have managerial experience.”

It was noted that the APNU will allow the residents of the various communities to select their candidates.

“We don’t pick up the candidates, we allow the community to throw up their own candidates and that is why we’re working with communities so that they can identify their candidates,” the Campaign Manager said.

In this regard, Granger explained that there will be 71 different elections and that the APNU aims to attract candidates who can solve issues affecting these 71 communities.

“We’re trying to attract citizens (candidates) who can address those issues and solve the problem at the grassroots level. Our politics is local and we cannot sit down at fourth street Kingston and decide what’s best for Kwakwani.”

Meanwhile, despite the fact that President Donald Ramotar only assented to three of four of the Bills that were passed in the National Assembly for the holding of those elections, Granger remains optimistic that the President will assent to the fourth Bill in the future.

“APNU is preparing for Local Government Elections on the assumption that the fourth Bill will be signed. The non assent to the fourth will not delay us or deter us from this campaign… The PPP is known to have changed their minds,” Granger told reporters.



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