Husband, son of Region 8 Toshao brutalized during robbery


crime[] – The Toshaos’ residence at Micobie Village in Region 8 was robbed last evening (January, 13) by four men, one of whom was armed with a gun.

iNews understands that the men gained entry to the home via the family’s shop at about 20:30 hours. The ordeal reportedly lasted for 20 minutes.

During the incident the Toshao – Julie Johnson- Singh was not at home; however her husband, 50 – year – old Alvin Singh and her son were and they were reportedly brutalized by the bandits.

The Toshaos’ husband and son managed to escape, while the bandits carted off with valuables and fuel. iNews was reliably informed that some of the bandits escaped by river while the others escaped by car. While making their escape, shots were fired in the air.

The woman has been the Toshaos of the village for about six years.



  1. hi my name is michelle singh. im the Toshao big daughter..
    I want to say that the robbery that took place in micobie village was scary but it could have been more scarier. because I was in the shop when the robbery took place and they had guns to my head and my dad head too . my grandfather was hit in his head and cut by one of the men …how ever my point is that some1 would have been shout that night or get some serious damage. these men who came to rob my dad ,they had on mas but 1 of the men came to me and he did not had on mas, these men are not from the village but they visit the village to check around the place to make a move .


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