Recruitment Agency secured jobs for 2,385 persons in 2014


Labour march[] – The Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) has embarked on a project aimed at providing information upgrade, software development and technical support services to enhance the responsiveness and productivity in that department.

Visits to Regions Three, Five, Eight, Nine and Ten have seen mechanisms put in place to extend the services of the agency in these administrative regions. This has helped to collect and store relevant data with available positions to be filled, as well as matching of potential employees to available jobs.

In 2014, there were 2,911 persons registered with notifications at 3,400 and requests from employers and submissions of 3,857. Of that number, the CRMA was able to place 2,385 in jobs.

The CRMA and the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) which also falls under the Ministry of Labour hold annual job fairs and registration exercises for persons between the ages of 18 and 25 years who are seeking employment and for those who are seeking skills training.

Government has been making it easier for unemployed persons and those seeking jobs to be provided with job placements, facilitated through the agency.

This office was established by the Government, through the Employment Exchange Act of 1944, which defines employment exchange as “any office or place established under this Act and used for the purpose of collecting and furnishing information, either by keeping of register or otherwise, respecting employers who desire to engage workplace and people who seek engagement or employment.”

CRMA’s mission is to contribute to the social and economic development of the country by providing effective and efficient employment services to job seekers and employers. The objective of the CRMA is to place individuals seeking jobs in suitable employment and provide career counselling and guidance.

The Agency registers applications for employment, taking specific note of applicants’ occupational qualifications, experiences and desires and interviews them for employment and evaluates, if necessary, their physical and vocational abilities.





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