“He waved to me and then robbed me” – Woman trailed, robbed from CJIA

Rowena Bowen

By Jomo Paul

Rowena Bowen
Rowena Bowen

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Guyanese woman was robbed on Tuesday night (September 15) of some US$400 when she and her 13 – year – old son returned home from the United States where they had visited for a vacation in August.

The woman, Rowena Bowen told iNews she believes that the bandits trailed them from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) since she had noticed the suspicious looking vehicle since on the East Bank of Demerara.

“On the way down I kept looking back and I saw the car coming slowly…other cars were passing but that one wasn’t passing us. What made it stand out is that the lights were dim and you seeing it in your rearview mirror all the time,” Bowen told iNews.

She explained that her fears about being trailed were confirmed when the car followed her into Kitty, Georgetown but the Taxi Driver however was not so convinced and insisted that they go about their business ignorant of the impending threat.

“I told the driver we are being followed…but he didn’t see anything cause he was focused on the road and by the time we took out the luggage, two men came walking down the road and they went a few houses away and they sat down chatting,” she stated.

Bowen said that while she kept a wary eye on the two men, they began to unpack her luggage; it was during this process that the men pounced on them.

“By the time they passed back I was on top of the stairs and the driver was ready to leave…and one of them waived to me…they went pass the house and came back quickly and stuck the driver up before he left the yard…and one of them ran upstairs and said I’m gonna kill you, give me the bag.”

The woman said that she complied and gave the bandit her bag containing US$400 cash and some other valuables.

“Could you imagine he waved to me and then came to rob me?” the traumatized woman said.

A report has been made to the police station and investigations are ongoing.



  1. We left a country that is bad, i think most ppl do, why take the chance and visit. every day in the news, someone rob, someone shot.I was shot in 1982 ,never went bad. But its for ppl who have family, send some money, don’t risk your live or your kids, its a chance.

  2. why everyone blaming Mr Ramjattan it was happening before the taxi driver may have been a part of the whole scene and pretended he should have take the car into a police station and report what the passenger suspected.

  3. This goat Ramjattan is more obsess with Jagdeo and how much he has than to try find a solution to crime,he had all the answer before when he was in opposition but now he is at a lost and just worrying about Jagdeo and his money,

  4. Mr. Ramjattan is concerned how people must spent their money, by closing bars at 2.00am and if he get vexed at 12.00 , that goat

  5. I’m so sorry to hear of your predicament; and, yes, you are now a victim twice over. Maybe you should do a little one hour demonstration in front of Police Headquarters – and invite the Media to cover it.

  6. my husband & I was robbed the same way, Mr. Ramjattan really needs to address this situation seriously, im just fed up….it’s not finished there, for us to get back our passports we have to wait for three months, pay $15000, get police report plus an affidavit, GRA says our drivers license will take 6 weeks, we are in the now in the 13th week and no licenses up to now, im just fed up, it’s like we are the victim twice


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