Mechanic’s battered body found on friend’s bridge

Dead: Ganesh Permaul
Dead: Ganesh Permaul
Dead: Ganesh Permaul

[] – The battered and lifeless body of a Crabwood Creek man was found on the bridge of a friend on Thursday, September 17 morning after they had a few drinks and were later involved in a dispute.

Police have been able to identify the man as 29-year-old Ganesh Permaul also known as Bunjal and Vinood, who was a mechanic of Grant 1804 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne Berbice.

The friend, Rohan Persaud reportedly told investigators that he went out of the house to conduct business, when he saw the man lying on his bridge and immediately summoned the police.  

Information reaching iNews revealed that Persaud and Permaul were imbibing alcohol the night before and were subsequently involved in an altercation.

iNews understands that the mechanic was found semi naked with marks of violence about his body and bloodstains on his clothing. Blood patterns indicated that the man may have been dragged out of the yard and onto the bridge after being beaten.

A post mortem examination is expected to be conducted soon and investigations are ongoing.



  1. Easy one to solve Mr security minister start whit the last place he was that night there is no coincidence that people have altercation and the next thing they are found dead talk to every one in that place some one have to see something make a tip line Guyana is too small for these crimes to go unsolved lack of education lead to high rate of crime please educate these heartless ones

  2. such a heartless people, but god will deal with them well no one cannot get away from his hands. Rip cuz.

  3. Over and over and over again – a lil row, then someone is KILLED! Terrible! Condolences to the relatives andfriends of Ganesh Permaul. RP.


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