Harbour Bridge/Police commission integrated CCTV system



By Leroy Smith

General Manager of the DHB, Rawelston Adams, Commander Hicken and other officers of the Division. [iNews' Photo]
General Manager of the DHB, Rawelston Adams, Commander Hicken and other officers of the Division. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Demerara Harbour Bridge and the Guyana Police Force ‘A’ Division today commissioned a surveillance system worth close to $4 million.

The system entails the monitoring of traffic across the Demerara Harbour Bridge [DHB] and its activities in the environs of the bridge by police officers who have been given access to the CCTV feeds located at the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

Out of 26b cameras at the DHB, the police have been given access to 18 which will provide live footage and of a quality which has the ability to pick up the description of a driver, vehicle registration number, type of vehicle and other special features that will help in police investigative work.

The cameras are able to beam a certain distance on along the East Bank Carriageway to the East of the Bridge and a certain distance along the West Bank Demerara public road to the West of the Bridge.

General Manager of the Harbour Bridge Rawleston Adams following a demonstration of how the system works indicated that the initiative has been in the making for the past three to four years but had to be placed on hold to facilitate the shifting of the administrative functionaries of the bridge to another building.CCTV 1

The recording is being done 24 hours and can be played back at any time.

The recorded footage is properly stored and can be retrieved by either the harbour bridge or the police at their individual ends if the need arises.

Commander of the ‘A’ Division Cliffton Hicken thanked the management of the Harbour Bridge for understanding the importance of the partnership and the need for the police to be able to have access to real time recordings.

He also assured that there that will be strict confidentiality with respect to the monitoring of the cameras and the relaying of information.




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