Police find ammo in Linden house, man arrested

[File Photo]

police web[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police ranks, during a search on a Linden house yesterday [Thursday, August 07] found 10 rounds of .32 ammunition.

According to a police report, the ranks conducted the search at approximately 18:00 hours at Block 22, Wismar, Linden. A man has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.

Police have been making similar finds across the country in recent times.



  1. The police is the frontline of a just society. Guyana is a small and beautiful country. We do have our problems but if everyone work together our children will have one of the best country in the world to call home.
    The police must protract an image of fairness everytime to earn trust.

  2. people are not allowed to say whats true…they are muzzled…but if you were to go into every village in guyana ..indian villages and black villages…the police if and army if they are fair and want to be seen as fair to all guyanese will find more guns and ammunition in predominant black villages..its well known fact..the people of Buxton were held hostage by terrorists and was awashed with guns and ammunition …the gdf was sent in to find the terrorists and ther guns and ammo..hey..guess what? the GDF found none..not terrorists not guns not ammunition but the big GDF man who headed up the thing was granted green card in US because he testified against his buddy comrade in drug pushing case..police finding guns and ammo in these villages is not now big news…all guyanese knows whats going down in guyana..one day these very funs and ammo will be pointed at security people in guyana.


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