Guyanese woman killed by husband in New York


By Fareeza Haniff

Dead: Yollanda Gonsalves.
Dead: Yollanda Gonsalves.

[] – Twenty – seven – year old Yollanda Gonsalves is now dead, after she was stabbed to death by her husband of just two weeks in their Queen’s New York apartment on Tuesday, June 02.

iNews understands that Gonsalves, a Cosmetologist of Lot 14 Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, married 24 – year – old Miguel Pichardo just two weeks ago after dating for some three years.

A close friend of the dead woman told iNews that Gonsalves would travel back and forth between the United States and Guyana to be with the man; she left Guyana in February.

Miguel Pichardo was taken into custody Tuesday. [NY Daily News Photo]
Miguel Pichardo was taken into custody Tuesday. [NY Daily News Photo]
According to the friend, Gonsalves never complained about her new husband, except for the fact that he is a “jealous person.” A report in Wednesday’s edition of the New York Daily News noted that the suspect was charged with the crime, after confessing to killing her.

He detailed to cops how he disposed of the body, prosecutors said Wednesday. Assistant District Attorney Kristen Papadopoulos read from statements Pichardo allegedly made to detectives at the 102nd Precinct station house

The alleged murder happened in the couple's Richmond Hill home. [NY Daily News' Photo]
The alleged murder happened in the couple’s Richmond Hill home. [NY Daily News’ Photo]
“I felt like it was her time to die,” he told police, according to court papers.

“I slapped the f—–g s–t out of her.” According to the report, Pichardo chillingly told detectives that he looked into his girlfriend’s soul as he killed her and then wrapped her body in a rug.

According to the Daily News, the accused then demonstrated the gruesome act with a bagel and a paper plate at the stationhouse.

Marc Laykind, his lawyer, told the judge he was having trouble communicating with Pichardo, saying he would not acknowledge anything he said.

Pichardo, who was busted by police while allegedly returning to the scene of the crime, was ordered held without bail. Gonsalves leaves to mourn her father who resides at Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara and siblings.



  1. She so pretty, obsession, jealousy, etc…are red flag to stay away from some one, I guess she never expect he would do such a thing, he should stay a lifetime in jail, and he will be haunted for what he has done.

  2. It is very sad. A huge loss to her family. I am glad he was caught and my he rot in jail, thinking of what he has done. He took a beautiful life from this world.


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