Ramjattan defends sacking of ‘torture cops’; says “it is justice”

Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

By Jomo Paul

Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has defended the dismissal of Former Police Officer Mohanram Dolai saying that justice was meted out.

Ramjattan had instructed Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud to terminate the service of Dolai, who was found criminally liable for burning the genitals of 15-year-old Twyon Thomas while he was in custody at the Leonora Station lockups six years ago.

Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall told iNews on Wednesday June 03, that the Minister has no power or authority to give such instructions to the Police Commissioner. He explained that the constitution explicitly states that such cannot happen, hence Ramjattan’s actions goes against Guyana’s laws, pointing out that Ramjattan is now practising the very “control freakism” he had denounced on many occasions while in the Opposition.

Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai
Narine Lall and Mohanram Dolai

But in an interview with iNews on Thursday, Ramjattan defended his decision, making it clear that what he did was something that should have been done ages ago.

“Well he [Nandlall] should understand that he lived under the regime that allowed the burning of children’s private parts and he saw to it that the Police Service Commission retained those persons…it is not control freakism, it is justice…if he had children what would he have done to them?” questioned the Vice President.

Ramjattan said he cannot fathom why the services of the two police officers were retained from the inception given that the High Court had made a ruling in favour of Thomas.

The Vice President further pointed out that other cases where police officers were found liable of torture and other cases of misconduct will be revisited and investigated.

He pointed out that this would include the case of Devin Singh who was accused of baton-raping Colwyn Harding while he was in custody at the Timehri Police station.

Singh recently returned to the spotlight after he was accused of torturing another young man. “We will put it as very very serious,” said Ramjattan.




  1. You see the Guyanese people know about Justice a long long time ago they know who
    killed a lot of people and get away with.

  2. Well said AZD. Most Guyanese are so blunt they fail to see the fact that Ramjattan need to focus on Security…he needs to focus on how to prevent un-fair treatment of the local citizen and let the police chief do his job.Firing two officer on a case he lost is just showing his management skills are poor, his EGO is bigger than his head! There is a process that he should work with the police chief to develop to protect the local citizen….Stop being a dictator and be a leader. Stop being a follower and be a leader. A leader is one who always smile, knows how to get the employees under him to produce to the maximum of their capacity. Ramjattan and Nagamotoo are soo dunce that in no time the APNU will have no choice but the send them on leaves as well! Jagan did not promote these clowns within the PPP days because they are both un-educated!

  3. Most people including Ramjatan seems to be missing the point.
    1. The “torture cops” should be punished/dismissed/ prosecuted etc.
    2. Ramjattan is in a conflict of interest position as the tortured person was his client when he was a private lawyer.
    3. There is a Police Service Commission that has the responsibility of confirming appointments and terminating the services of cops.

    Ramjattan has no authority to fire policemen and this dismissal can be successfully challenged in the courts(indirectly penalizing the taxpayers of Guyana). Ramjattan should know better. It appears however that he is from the “freedumb house” clan and is inclined to be arrogant and lawless.

    LET THE POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION DO THEIR JOB AND FIRE THESE ROGUE COPS. LET THE DPP CHARGE THEM AND LET THEM HAVE THEIR DAY IN COURT. In meantime, Ramjattan needs to shut his traps and stop micro-managing the Guyana Police Force.

  4. JAI what your point had the right to burn a boy’s penis thats a crime >>> sorry sir you wont know what’s a crime cause your a supporter of it crime and theifing that is i say no more but out de force



  7. Why don’t you get a life. If this young man was your son or brother would you still be sprouting this bull. These rouge cops were found liable they should be in jail, instead they were promoted by the PPP. But what else is new with them. The former AG was caught on tape speaking of murdering people. How ironic. The chief law enforcement officer threatening to murder people and setting up a young woman to be f@#k by his relative. Any wonder he don’t have a problem with torture. If your stupid racist ass thinks APNU/AFC will be out in a year , hold your breath- bet you will be blue in the face. A fresh clean air has replaced the stink of the Pee Pee Pee it smells good. Drop your racist blinders you may just see something. What does Management classes have to do with right and wrong? I commend the Minister for correcting a glaring travesty of justice.

  8. Hold your breath for elections within a year- you will be blue in the face. Anything to get the PPP thieves back in office. Well it will not happen, suffering Guyanese had enough of those thugs. If this young ma was your son or brother would you be sprouting this garbage? These rouge cops were found liable, rather than bring in prison, the pee pee promoted them. Get a life honey!!! What getting management classes have to do with doing what is right?What that decision too was having a sense of justice, right and wrong. Something those thieves obviously dies not have. Business as usual in Guyana is gone. Learn to live with this fresh breeze of change. Step away from racial blinders you might just see the light

  9. It is sad that when reading some comments I realize that some guyanese people really saying they are okay with police brutally . Police are NOT the law , they have to keep the law just like everyone else. A crime is a crime and they should be jailed not only fired for burning a child genitals. I am shocked they are not in prison and was still working. Go Ramjattan!

  10. Alesha Persaud, Do you have children? if not I am quite sure you have nieces and nephews. What you are really saying is burning a child genitals is okay and you approve.

  11. You said your piece, now give a reason what are they still collecting a pay check after been found guilty by the court? you answer that for the readers.

  12. Alesha! either you are an idiot or you just running off your mouth because you have one..is there a 9-2 schedule/work day? and what kind of development you expect to see in less that 30 days,that statement just expounds your uneducated rambling,just shut up and stop showing yourself for what you are no doubt..a fool.

  13. Alesha, let me break it to you as a fellow Guyanese Canadian, PPP lost the election. So get over it. A true Guyanese will remain hopeful that the present government will make Guyana a better place for everyone, regardless of race. Instead of spitting such hatred and negativity, say/ do something positive for our mother land.

  14. I think you are mad so mad that you are bitta. Guyana is a signature to the Geneva convention and that organization is totally against torture and if Guyana don’t act against them that do the torture they can be arrest in any part of the world that sign on to that convention


  16. This is not freakism but justice said Ramjattan. This is gross display of ignorance no intelligence in this decision. Yet another faltering by the Colation. Firstly if Ramjattan felt that his client was denied justice, it cannot now be done by cowboy lassoing and big head politics.
    He should have given his views to the commissioner and ask him to deal with the matter in a professional way, like Simone now Ramjattan power gone up their crease.
    Ramjattan has to understand that he not drinking and arguing at some low live bar singing suhani raat. Govt business is serious business.
    He seems to be getting justice for his clients rather than exhibiting good governance.
    Burned gential boy and Speciality hospital client. This guy head needs an examination.
    I am now predicting that this coalation has many wayward and spoilt children and WILL NOT LAST. I AM SEEING TROUBLE.

  17. Did those two savages follow NORMAL investigative procedures when they proceeded to burn the balls off the young man? Were they not rewarded and promoted by that iniquitous satanic government that has been justly expunged from our presence. Let them and you go rot in hell.

  18. People are attacking the messenger and not looking at the message. These two policemen were investigating the murder of a region Three PPP official. so they went overboard trying to solve the crime. Look what happen. Despite what they did to him, the guy held out that he knew nothing of the crime. My God, you would set his penis on fire for him to give them a confession statement. How in the name of god can any one condone that. The State paid the young man $6M for his injuries. He did not appear in court to give evidence. To crown it all, The Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Clement Rohee, ordered that the Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Paulette Morrison be held accountable. She was relieved of her command and transfer to Police Headquarters Eve Leary. The Policemen were promoted by the then government for what they did. They should have gone a long time. You cannot do that to anyone because you are a Policeman.

  19. Car………… Get your facts straight before making a fool of yourself here in the public media! Its easy to make blind accusations of corruption,nepotism and all the other “isms”,you conveniently forgot “Burnhamism” Can You provide any evidence that the former President,Prime Minister and “others” never adhered to the Constitution of Guyana!
    Or is it that you are blindly following the narrative from APNU/PNU/AFC and their dishonest rhetoric. The point is that Ramjhattan has no legal authority to dictate to the Police Force, this is the traits of a mad man gone wild with the obsession of power and will seek vengeance against peoples he has had a beef with in the past. He was the lawyer for the victim in this case and this reeks of malicious vengeance. God help Guyana.

  20. Wonder if this lad was the son of those backing Nandlall’s position would you still be backing the former AG. He should be the last to open his mouth. Threatening to have people murdered. He has lost his moral authority to speak. These cops were found liable they should be fired, instead they were promoted. The message here to the average
    Guyanese citizen?

  21. I am hoping that Ramjatan would look into that case with Mr Trotman and youth,
    Justice must be done.

  22. As much as I do not like Ramsammy and what Jagdeo did, this is NOT democracy! The APNU+AFC has no clue what they are doing. The are firing people left right and centre because of the power they have in hand is not fair! You need to first assess a situation before pointing fingers. To me this is all a political drama on the APNU+AFC part. I live in Canada and witness these clowns came here asking Canadian to go back home and invest their money! Are the foolish? Is this the APNU+AFC plan to make changes in Guyana? I suspect Nagamotoo is a fail politician from Jagan days because he is a complete dunce. Ramjattan is another un-educated crook! Time will tell and we will see Guyana will NEVER change because the people in power there cannot develop the economy!!! If people go to work from 9AM-2PM, how can you develop? Since APNU enter there has been no development except for crime rate increase and firing of everyone -re-installing the PNC powers! Guyana dollar will soon be trading at $300 to 1 US dollar! APNU will deliver the final nail to the coffin to make Guyana the #1 poorest country in the world! Great JOB PEOPLE – Installing the un-educated clowns! What Guyana need is a fair party who will conduce regional elections and have competent individuals representing their region -look into develop the economy and focus on security….not using their EGO to back stab other party members to ensure power is in their hands for the next 30 years….this is the kind of system APNU/AFC is already showing the public by making these kind of move. Let the police do their jobs, let the GUYSCO board of directors vote the decision on who they want as the leader…not appointed by the AFC/APNU…..that is democracy and how canada and america is able to be successful! So wake UP ALL U CLOWNS! Ramjattan needs to take management classes and learn to not let his EGO get the best of him otherwise in 1 year time election will be called again and these clowns will be out of the office so fast!

  23. I totally agree to have those cops dismissed but still we need the minister to say something about the crime rate which is really escalating daily. Come on Mr. Ramjattan say something…..

  24. To begin with, Ramjattan acquired his position from fraudulent elections. The burning of a child’s private parts or torture of any kind to anyone must NOT be condoned. I would wish to see statement from a senior officer of the police force why this cop (Mr Dolai) was kept in the force after the alleged burning episode.

    But Ramjattan is deliberately missing the point and diverting attention from Mr Nandalall’s argument which is, he (the so called Vice President) has no authority to instruct the Commissioner of Police to dismiss the policeman. Ramjattan was the child’s lawyer and he is out to take revenge. He is getting into the work of the police because he wants to control the force like a dictator. Mr Rohee was always careful with this and never tried to get “into the belly” of the police force.

  25. is it me or am i the only person see that Guyana is slowly going down the road of a communist state. At times i feel these people are experimenting with our country now and that will bring failures.

  26. Nandlall, you’re an idiot, if you believe that encouraging criminal behavior in any police force is acceptable. You’re referring to the Constitution, but you and your President, Prime Minister and others, have never adhered to, and did what ever you felt like doing. Why was this cop still on the job.

  27. you and nadilall are two square pegs. it was ok for him to direct the police not to arrest ashni etal when they were criminally negelect, but you have the bare facessnecss to type trash online. get over it, you losers are pathetic. go cry a river.

  28. Ramjattan was counsel for Thomas. He is now judge, jury, prosecutor, and executioner in the non- trial of the policeman. Street boy= street justice. Let’s see how Ramjattan will react when he is thrown out of office.

  29. You are wrong Minister Ramjattan.You should follow the correct way to have the two torturous removed from the force and possibly retiried criminally.You cannot direct the COP to do anything and you should not.At your meetings you may indicate that you would be interested in seeing the two diciplined and suggest the punishment at the COPS discretion.Do not follow Rotis actions as you will be in breach of the constitution, as he was.You know the constitution well, obey it. Use tact not a club.

  30. I believe,if police officer Dolai was found criminally liable for burning the genitals of the teen ager Thomas,he should have been relieved of his job 6 years ago.Nandlall,you and your party encouraged criminality here,and other CRIMES.

  31. Thank you Minister justice served, we are proud of you and the new leaders. Guyana will be a BLESSED country,you have to go behind the ali barrat snd the dirty dozen now,,,,keep up the good work….


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