Guyanese populated Schenectady ranked most dangerous, poorest city in USA


628x471[] – A U.S City where hundreds of Guyanese from across New York were lured into securing cheap homes in the early 2000 is being dubbed the worst city in the nation.

New reports are coming out, showing Schenectady to be the worst city in the United States.

The area which has a large Guyanese population is said to be full of crack cocaine, heroin, and a corrupt police department that was threatened to be shut down a year ago by the FBI.

“The Schenectady Police Depart doesn’t serve and protect, it has a long history of racketeering, prostitution encouragement, and sells drugs,” a U.S media report stated.

With a population of 66,041, violent crime in the area is ranked 7th highest in New York while property crime ranks 14th worst in New York.

In Schenectady, you have a 33% daily chance of being a victim of crime.

Rape is especially serious in Schenectady, where heroin usage is rampant.

Union College, a semi-IVY, has students secured in a fenced in campus because the college students are afraid to leave their dorms. They call the people Schenectoids.

This goes to show how poor Schenectady’s reputation is, but worse yet is the home values.

“The median home value in Schenectady is $87,600. Schenectady home values have declined -3.5% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -0.1% within the next year.”

The income levels in Schenectady are atrocious as well. The average person who works (35% of the population) does little better than minimum wage; in fact, the average hourly rate is minimum wage.

Many people in Schenectady are on welfare.




  1. Wow. This reply is wrong on many levels. Where are you getting your information? As far as I have heard, the Guyanese have not been “given” ANY sort of leg up on people who are born here. Those Guyanese who have purchased property here have done so with loans or personal savings. There is no government program or other special treatment. Anyone who lives here have the same opportunity. That’s just a false statement. You cite the Guyanese for being “terrible, uninformed, Illegal landlords” but don’t present any facts to back it up… just some personal anecdotes that unfairly malign an entire group of people. I find it interesting that you state you have had many Guyanese landlords, and have had to move due to their “incompetence as landlords.”. Hmmmm. So of all these “problems” you have had, the one common denominator in YOUR mind is that the landlords are Guyanese. But you seem to ignore the OTHER common denominator….YOU! Sounds like bias and prejudice to me.

    And finally, there is nothing stopping you from getting a loan and purchasing a house just like the Guyanese, is there? You complain that the Guyanese are “given soooooo much more than people born here”, but that’s just not true. Unless you can cite some special program or fund reserved for Guyanese who are trying to purchase a home here, you should stop implying that.

  2. I grew up in Schenectady and lived less than 6 blocks from Union College in the 1960s and 1970s. I can assure you that Union had a fence on Nott Street back then. There’s nothing new about that fence.

  3. Not completely true, I do continual improvements to my home a, the city doesn’t give me a hard time, unless I don’t get a permit, which I always do and my taxes go up regardless. By they way, I think that they Guyanese population had brought a considerable improvement to Schenectady. They are hard working, family oriented, very friendly people and I welcome you all. 🙂

  4. Because they are lying to begin with……been a resident in Hamilton Hill for over 20 years and I know first hand that these are all pure lies..

  5. I do agree with some of his reporting. I’ve lived in Schenectady for well over 15 years,and my biggest complaint would be it’s ability to keep voting in political classless politicians,whom only care about their idea’s,and their pockets. The police department is very corrupted, because we have leaders who never listen to it’s people. If Schenectady is ever gonna change for the good, then people are going to have to vote for people who aren’t part of the problem.,aka Democrats,liberal,progressive garbage.

  6. If Guyanese in Schenectady is so bad, Why you vote or why do they want your votes? They’re not doing anything good for development in a lead poison environment. There’s no white folks living there. Get smart and understand the politics. Asked for the soil and water to be tested. You’ll get result, look how many young folks died of cancer, and other birth defects. Guyanese look for a cheap run-down properties to rebuild, whats the danger lurk above and below, Real Estates gotten rich off these innocent victims because they put their trust and believe into these agents. They fallen preys to these landfills without doing any research to know more about their geography of Schenectady.

  7. you are correct about the blight and run down condition way before 2000 back in 88 my friends and i wouldcall it shitnecktamy. corruption was the problem.

  8. @ antonia. Wow. Who would I choose to have as a neighbor – A racist or people making a life for their family? Move out of Schenectady, antonia, if you don’t like it.

  9. Who ever say that they are lying and maybe jealous because Schenectady is a beautiful place to live better than New York City and further more there is drugs every where you go so people stop talking garbage

  10. The Guyanese people are some of the hardest working I know. Schenectady was a shithole wayyyy before early 2000. The houses prior to the Guyanese were vacant and dilapidated. Now they are owned and kept up…as best as the area will allow. This article isn’t a representation of Schenectady today. Our family frequently goes to downtown Schenectady for the theater and restaurants, I’ve never been a victim of a crime…..but I am always armed no matter where I go.

  11. I know you did not just complain about the housing market as a guyanese person!!! You are given soooooo much more than the people born here!!! It is a lot easier for you to buy a house and fix it up than it is for people who have lived here for generations! Also, don’t think people haven’t figured out the schenectadian (which is what people actually call us, not schenectoids) guyanese way of life. You make TERRIBLE uninformed, illegal landlords, your houses are cheaply renovated and instead of calling pest control, you do quick fixes that never last and 3 months after moving in, tenants start finding roaches, fleas, bedbugs etc! My landlord from Pakistan was much more hospitable and kind than any guyanese landlord to which I have had many because I had to keep moving due to their incompetence as landlords. You’re also very rude and snobby toward the rest of the community and frankly, we’re sick of it. We see you at the food pantries bringing your bags of free food meant for the poor into your large expensive vehicles, we see you at dss lying about your income. We are not stupid however we are tolerant. Although the actions of the majority of guyanese are rude and annoying, you’re hardly the danger that other’s pose. You need to stop viewing yourselves as superior especially when you fled your home to enjoy ours. We must have done something right for you to want to live, buy property and raise your children here! To the guyanese that take pride in their properties and are truly kind to all people, this is noy for you as you are a rarity.

  12. Sweetheart, they aren’t blaming guyanese people. This is a message warning guyanese people. It specifically states that the drugs and police force are to blame. Also, do not claim to be a victim of racism and then make racist comments yourself. I’m white, born and raised in Schenectady and I too work hard, have strong morals and values and do my part in the community. It would have been easier to excel in life if my family had the same opportunities and tax privileges that Schenectady gives to guyanese families but that makes me sound hateful and bitter. This area sucks because nobody, including the righteous guyanese has done anything to change it.

  13. This article is not even accurate…First the Lennox Rd side of Union college has Dorms and no fence second the students are seen walking around at 1:30-2 am when I am on my way to work. And just cuz some people do not like the smell of curry powder and other spices another nationality uses don’t give them the right to say these people make the neighborhood stink. Plus every city has drugs, crime and corruption within the police department so don’t single out Schenectady NY…

  14. I don’t understand the purpose of this article. If you have nothing else to “re-write” about and twist semi facts from, I’d suggest you retire your position as a writer!

  15. antonia, I’ve lived in Schenectady for over 20 years, and I find your comment to be both racist and flat-out wrong. In my view, the Guyanese have enriched and improved this city, period. As just one example, our child has many Guyanese classmates in school, and they are overwhelmingly hard-working students and good kids.

    P.S. — As others have said, this article is poorly written, misleading, and contains factual errors (e.g., Union College students are not “fenced in” and, in fact, they patronize city restaurants, Central Park, etc.).

  16. I visited Schenectady once. Wasn’t impressed it’s more like a country area . A lot to be desired .will never choose to live there.

  17. I’ve lived in schdy my whole life you ppl are worse than Mexicans dead ass have the whole block stinking ever since you ppl fooded our streets its been worse

  18. i have live in Schenectady for 15 years im from guyana and stop bring my people in to your failed attempt at a news report. every city has crime every city in America has drug abuse and here is a news flash for your non educated racist ass hat face all this was going on before guyanense people got here. as i can recall correctly we brought income and revenue to this city. we work hard and have values you obviously dont have. you know whats up that why you didnt add your name to the article.

  19. Schenectady is not what it used to be! But every race has helped make it the way it is also. And a 2 bedroom apartment on the hill for $950 is half of the issues with poverty. As for the schools… my daughter scored 68% higher then the rest of nys on common core tests! And has her name on plenty of plaques.

  20. Attended SCA college in Albany , went to visit a friend in Schenectady , stop at a supermarket to pick up a few things , out of the 7 people standing in the checkout line, I was the only one with cash in my hand , all the rest had a benefit card,one of the last places on earth I will live , Schenectady , Albany , Troy or Buffalo.

  21. The “article” quoted here is actually from a BLOG by a crazy computer programmer who lives 136 miles away. He posts these screeds on a site called if you go there you can see all his crazy articles claiming outrageous things, like Schenectady based grocery store Price Chopper is “the worst grocery store in the U.S., or Schenectady schools are ” the worst in the U.S.”. He also has articles claiming Donald Trump is like Abraham Lincoln, and even one praising Vladimir Putin. This nutjob’s name is Dmitri Voltova, and he posts these asinine blogs and suckers people into believing they are true. STOP POSTING THINGS LIKE THIS WITHOUT VETTING THE FACTS! I have lived in Schenectady for over 20 years. This article is the raving of a lunatic who clearly has some sort of dislike for Schenectady for some reason. PlEASE STOP LEGITIMIZING HIM. He’s not even a reporter, and when you post something like this as fact, you simply make others think this clown is telling the truth.

  22. So could it be that the Politician of Guyana taking those Guyanese that are living on welfare and put them to protest against Venezuela? Generally most PNC supporters don’t like to work/produce. They like hand out.

  23. I have lots of friends and family living there and working very hard and live comfortable and never complain…….god bless them for their independence.

  24. This article is clearly politically charged. It doesn’t reflect the folks who do work and are successful, nor does it report on a welfare system that needs to be revamped as it is designed for its recipients to fail. Until there are folks in office not looking to profit off of the ills in Schenectady and begin to make concrete changes, the city will continue to decline. Instead of bashing my hometown with unfounded idiocracy, why don’t you also report on many of the positive changes that ARE currently in place as well as encouraging folks to vote the right people that will be instrumental in better training, jobs, and an improved school system.

  25. Where was this statistic obtained? Schenectady is not the most dangerous or poorest city in the U.S., far from it, check your facts. Obviously you’ve never heard of Detroit or Newark.

  26. This article is misleading. Union college is not fence in. I used to live down the street from the college. I would see students around the city all the time. What are your sources for this information?

  27. Schenectady was already a depressed city WAY before 2000! However this article implies a connection between the presence of the Guyanese community and the ills of the Schenectady as though the deplorable nature of the city was caused by the entry of the Guyanese seeking to invest in homes there. This is a very dangerous implication given the racist/prejudice nature of non-Guyanese in the city. This is shit poor writing and should edited with an apology to the Guyanese community.

  28. Your article is wrong. And u should know your facts before posting crap. Go read the real article before spreading nonsense. Guyanese was not mentioned in the real article because Guyanese make up a very small part of Schenectady. Your post is suggesting that Schenectady is all Guyanese.

  29. Guyanese populated Schenectady ranked most dangerous, poorest city in USA

    Don’t they say charity begins at home? US is busy saying how they will help the installed puppets in Guyana but after reading this piece they ought to be ashamed of themselves. I often wrote that many in Guyana are living far better off than many Guyanese that resides overseas especially in America. Do any of you think that the US have have the Guyanese best interest at heart? Heck no. Those that wants to rule will soon find out that America’s big business companies are what the American government looks out for. America does not even care for their very own- take a look at what happens to Americans after they come back from wars they were sent to. The only big business that loves our US installed rulers are US big business. Let wait a little bit more to see how many business people lined up to conduct big business in Guyana under PNC rule. They all know PNC track record .


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