Jagdeo reiterates support for Govt. on Guyana/Venezuela border issue at meeting in New York


unnamed[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President and Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo has reiterated his support and that of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to the APNU/AFC government with regards to the Guyana/Venezuela border issue.

Speaking to a meeting organized by the Guyanese community in Queens, New York on Friday, Jagdeo stated that the PPP will never shy away from national issues such as this.

He urged that the positive relationship which the PPP government had established with Venezuela should continue to grow under the current government.
The Opposition Leader gave the Diaspora an overview of the recent May 2015 elections outcome and electoral process in Guyana.
There were questions from the audience about the reasons that caused PPP’s defeat under its Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar.

To this end, Mr Jagdeo noted what he said were various inconsistencies in the overall electoral process; pointing out to the packed hall several instances of the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM’s) “partisan” behavior.

He also accused the government of mass firings of workers including almost 2000 indigenous people, because of their perceived political affiliation.



  1. what i dont understand is all the name calling and yet APNU is made of PNC MEMBERS like robert corbin , a know figure in the under world and of course MR carl grinnege lol how much did those two take.

  2. The more you PNCites spread hate for Jagdeo, the more votes he will get from HIS DIE HARD PEOPLE of indo Guyanese, you set of low life visionless PNCites!!

  3. West Dem, you have some nerve calling people dunces. Based on your misspelled words and bad grammar, you appear to be the illiterate dunce. And how about the unqualified hospital personnel at the Georgetown hospital that is causing pregnant women to die in childbirth or endangering the lives of these women and children. The ones that got the job there because of their connections with the PPP government and not because of their qualifications. When you decide to call people “dunce” perhaps you should think about that

  4. Really were you living under a rock West Dem …all the BULLSHIT that Bar Rat and his cronies has done to that country ….you have no damn shame…damn SOUPIE FOOL!!

  5. Yes he certainly does that is crystal clear he is not someone who is true to his words. He lies like a rug….and has been his MO, he cannot be trusted , he has no integrity.

  6. That DEmon is such a liar and racist,he is possesed and need deliverance.He needs to stop preaching race and stop dividing the country along racial line.He has done enough to Guyana and need to shut up.The world at large is tired of him and his nonsense,He needs to check PPP,S track record and state exactly with they did to afro Guyanese during their 23 yrs of corruption in govt.

  7. Dr.Jagdeo please continue to spread the news and keep Concerned Guyanese in the diaspora informed. This APNU+AFC=PNC Government is a bunch of dunces who will reck a country that was on its way to recovery after 28 years of PNC illegal rule.

  8. The packed hall went for the free food and drinks and see the idiot who singlehandedly wrecked the PPP after Cheddi died.
    Even if he wants to argue that Gecom was partisan in 2015, what would he say was responsible for the PPP losing its parliamentary majority in 2011?
    And the people who were fired that he claimed were targets of political spite, we’re actually political appointees with no job security. Those 2000 Amerindians let go also did not know that no payments were set aside for them after April, which meant they would have been fired anyway if the PPP had won.

  9. Here this man goes again lies and more lies , i m wondering if those persons at that meeting accepted everything that he told them without serious questions.


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