Guyanese man extradited from T&T to US to face murder charge


Balkumar Singh, on his way to court in Trinidad and Tobago
Balkumar Singh, on his way to court in Trinidad and Tobago. [File Photo]
[] – Guyanese national, Balkumar Singh was extradited to the United States of America on Friday morning (August 14) to face charges for murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree, reckless endangerment and related offences.

A statement from the Attorney General’s Office in Trinidad and Tobago noted that Sgt. Herman Narace of local Interpol spearheaded a party of Police Officers from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service in the prisoner’s removal exercise and handed over Singh to US Marshals at the Piarco International Airport.

According to the statement, Singh is wanted for the 1999 murder of Abzal Khan and assault of Puran Mohammed outside the Masonic Temple in Hicksville, New York. Singh was arrested on a Provisional Arrest Warrant and upon appearing before the Chief Magistrate Ms Marcia Ayers-Caesar at the POS Eight Magistrate’s Court, consented to being extradited to the USA without proceedings before the Magistrate.

He was represented by Attorney at Law Abigail Roach- Thomas whilst Attorneys at Law Vashist Maharaj, Chris Selochan, Netram Kowlessar- Head of the Central Authority Unit and Kylene Deosingh, represented the US.

“This stands as another achievement for the Attorney General and the Central Authority in the co-ordination of efforts with their international counterparts in the fight against crime. The Attorney General is committed to working with law enforcement agencies in the Caribbean and other international bodies to confront and fight the scourge of crime,” the statement noted.

Singh, who has 14 convictions in Canada, including assaults and weapons charges, is also known by the following aliases: Tevin Persaud, Terry Persaud; Kumar Doodnath; Terry Singh and Sean Maharaj.



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