Road deaths increase by 6%

The mangled minibus after the accident. [Kaieteur News' Photo]

[File Photo]
[File Photo]
[] – The Guyana Police Force on Friday, August 14 released statistical data which showed that there was some 6% increase in the amount of persons dying as a result of accidents at the end of July 2015 when compared to the same period in 2014.

According to the statistics, there were 71 traffic  deaths in 2015, compared to 67 in July 2014. 

There was also a noted increase in the number of children that died as a result of accidents, with 11 for this year as opposed to nine in 2014, representing a 22% increase.

The statistics also showed decreases in the number of accidents in the different categories by varying degrees. Fatal accidents are down 5% in from 2014, serious accidents down 15%, while minor and damage accidents are down 1% and 2% respectively.

As it relates to the causes for accidents, statistics put speeding as the major cause with 29 attributions, inattentiveness blamed for 18 accidents and drinking under the influence of alcohol at 10.

Meanwhile, the Police also revealed that between January 01 and July 31, 2015, 31,201persons were charged for breaching traffic laws.

13,129 persons were charged for speeding, 1463 for breach of road service license, 942 for driving under the influence of alcohol and 362 for use of cellular phones while driving.



  1. This report is as SHOCKING as it is DISAPPOINTING! We are in the United Nations “Decade of Action for Road Safety”! REALLY? Yet one can observe the madness which continues of on our roads, and the Police Traffic Department seems totally IMPOTENT in bringing this madness to an end. Only recently we heard of a Traffic Rank being caught in a sting operation taking a bribe. I think there should be more of that kind of Police action. There should also be sting operations with the mini buses – send HONEST and Professional ranks to ride in the mini buses and charge any that break the law – irrespective of whio is the owner of the mini bus. In the recent two decades, if a mini bus is owned by a minista or senior police rank, the operators would do whatever the hell they like with impunity. THAT MUST END. In fact, precicely because a minista owns the bus, that the operators should set a good example for others to follow.


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