Guyanese charged for killing Trini woman in Toronto

Guyanese: Rohinie Bisesar
Guyanese: Rohinie Bisesar
Guyanese: Rohinie Bisesar

[Global News] – The brother of 28-year-old Rosemarie Junor, the victim in an unprovoked fatal stabbing at a downtown Toronto drugstore last week, says his sister had just gotten married, bought a new home and was about to start a family.

“She was wonderful, great, young, energetic, very intelligent,” Richard Junor said.

“It hasn’t hit me yet but it will, it’s a great loss for all of us; myself, my parents, my family. We’re just trying to cope and obviously grieve.”

Rosemarie was allegedly attacked “without provocation” by Rohinie Bisesar, 40, with a kitchen knife at a Shoppers Drug Mart in the underground PATH system on Wellington Street West just before 3 p.m. on Friday, police said.

She sustained life-threatening injuries after police said she was stabbed in a “vital organ” and later died in hospital

Dead: Rosemary Junor
Dead: Rosemary Junor

on Wednesday night.

“I could say I’m angry yes because I did lose my sister,” Richard said. “Justice can be served and it will be served.”

He added Bisesar and his sister were not known to each other and the family is struggling to understand why she allegedly targeted Rosemarie.

“We have no idea who this person is, no clue, it’s tragic,” he said. “It’s sad to see she had to go now, it wasn’t her time.”

Richard said Rosemarie was an “excellent person” and the “light of everything” to the family.

“We are shocked and greatly saddened by this senseless tragedy, which took the life of our colleague. Our organizations is like a big family and we are all grieving today for this loss,” read a statement from Rosemarie’s employer Medcan Clinic.

“She had so many good friends here, and was such a positive force here, and we are all just devastated. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

Police arrested Bisesar without incident in the St. Clair Avenue East and Midland Avenue area of Scarborough just after 3 p.m. Tuesday. She was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police said Thursday the homicide unit had taken over the investigation and second-degree murder charge had been laid.

Const. David Hopkinson said Wednesday a small kitchen knife was recovered at the scene of the stabbing.

Investigators thanked the public for their help and said they were “instrumental” in the arrest.

Bisesar made a court appearance on Wednesday and her lawyer Calvin Barry said she would be seeking bail. She is scheduled to reappear in court on Friday.

According to her LinkedIn page, Bisesar is an advisor and investor in Toronto with references publicly mentioning her “hard work and determination” and “warmth and interpersonal skills.”

The profile also states she has an MBA in finance, a BAS in general management, a BSc in molecular biology, a certificate in mining, and a Canadian Securities Course certification.



  1. I have read quite a bit about this woman, and given my professional training, I think it is a classic case of an acute psychotic phase of paranoid schizophrenia. It is a shame that this happened in Canada, where there is universal healthcare.

    Had she been actively involved in treatment and/or hospitalized, an innocent woman would have not lost her life.

    Schizophrenia, while a difficult disorder, is treatable. John Nash, the Nobel Laureate in Economics, suffered from schizophrenia. His story was the basis for the award winning major motion picture, “A Beautiful Mind. “

  2. Either it was a case of mistaken identity, or the attacker is a ‘mental case’. Condolences to the relatives and friends of Rosemary Junor. RiP.

  3. @Guyanese/Trinidadian stabbing!! I wonder why this female suddendlystabbed the other,DOESNT KNOW EACH OTHER OR HAVENT HAD PROBLEMS WITH EACH!


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