Guyana ranked 15th on list of most homicidal countries


[] – The United Nations and the World Health Organization have released their 2014 Global Status Report on Violence Prevention, which paints a bleak and detailed picture of murder and violence around the world.

Worldwide in 2012, there were 475,000 murder victims, 60% of whom were males between 15 and 44 years old. Half of all homicide victims are killed by a firearm, and Latin America is the world’s most murderous region.

The global homicide rate for 2012 stood at 6.7 per 100,000 inhabitants — slightly lower than the 2011 rate of 6.9.

Guyana ranked 15th on the list of 20 most homicidal countries in the world.

guyana-map-4001Guyana –20.2 murders per 100,000 people

49% killed by firearms

Guyana is one of the few Caribbean countries that’s part of South America. The government has made it difficult for the average person to own a firearm legally, which has caused more weapons to go unlicensed. It’s relatively easy to get handguns, machetes, and knives, according to OSAC’s 2013 Crime and Safety Report.

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  1. Murder,is happiness WOW, this is comming from a very smart ??? Guyana has made the news for all the worst things, yes we have made it with some very smart guys and women who think they can outsmart the system at JFK, so they end up in a place that many will be going,JAIL, I supose the killings of the school kids by the talaban is happiness, and the self destruction by kids is happiness, DRUGS,RUM,and family distruction is another failure by those in comand, its too often we see husbands killing wives and chopping the kids to death,too many gun crimes in a small poplation, too many GUNS in the hands of untrained ppl.


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