NOT AGAIN! Dynamic Airways leaves scores stranded at JFK


Mr Gouveia and his wife, Debbie Gouveia during the press conference at Duke Lodge. [iNews' Photo]
Mr Gouveia and his wife, Debbie Gouveia during a press conference at Duke Lodge. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Frustrated passengers, travelling to Guyana for the holidays, have contacted iNews; complaining of being left stranded at the JFK International Airport by Dynamic  Airways which has developed quite a reputation in this regard.

Persons said when they arrived at Dynamic’s counter to check-in at 3:30 hours this morning (Sunday, December 21), there was no one there.

They were greeted by an automatic system when calls were placed to the airline, informing them that the flight was rescheduled for 7:30 due to maintenance issues.

One passenger told iNews that they stayed at the airport and when another call was placed to the airline, they were subsequently informed that check-in was once again changed to 21:00 hours with the flight expected to leave at 1:00 hours tomorrow, again because of “extended” maintenance issues.

“No agent has any knowledge of what is going on and Dynamic is not responding to any phone calls,” the passenger said.

Efforts to contact Captain Gerald Gouveia proved futile. Gouveia’s company – Roraima Airways – provides GSA services to Dynamic Airways.

A posting on his Facebook page informs that “Dynamic is delayed 24 hours. It is now scheduled to arrive 7 am Monday Morning.”

The Airline has been affected by constant delays; hitting its first snag on its first flight from Guyana on June 27, which led the airline to fire its ground handler, causing hours of delay and missed connecting flights for its passengers.

The US based carrier returned to the Guyana marker recently promising better service but even that return was delayed by hours.




  1. You should have seen what happened the night of this story. They had us processed through then we waited in the room before the tunnel for 5 hours. They had handicap people and children waiting in the tunnel for hours with no water. They switched pilots, the crew went on board. While we sat at the waiting station. Then they came out and told us about a part that wasn’t there. THEN they say to us “Alright if you all get on the plane in 25 minutes we can take off, if not we will have to cancel the flight because the crew has been on the airplane too long. So we all got on the plane in 25 minutes. Then we sat there for an hour. Then we finally asked what was going on, they got on the speaker and said someone got sick and we had to have them leave the plane ( never seen anybody) and we are going to have to cancel this flight. This is 8am, the time we were supposed to be landing in Georgetown. The crew had attitudes and if they even threatened to cancel the flight if we complain.The moment they announced the flight was cancelled who pulled up but the NYC police. Can you say planned scam.

  2. Dynamic Airways – A Fraud and Con-Artist of an Airline Company.
    Webster dictionary defines con-artist to be “a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true”. Dynamic’s flight DYA401 JFK to GEO, the nonstop flight was originally scheduled to depart JFK on Sunday, December 21, 2014, however, rescheduled to depart JFK on Sunday, December 22, 2014 at 1:00AM EST; but not without ongoing dramas, lies, fighting and the New York City Police involvements between Dynamic Airways’ employees and the customers, both at Dynamic’s check-in counter and inside of the actual aircraft. Flight delays, flight cancellations without notice, denied boardings, over booking, miserable staff, airplane mechanical and maintenance problems – these are just some of the issues that plague Dynamic Airways. The weekend of December 20th Dynamic experienced all of the mentioned problems. I want to believe the owner and employees of Dynamic are all incompetent, and are all gutter rats. Full of excuses – they received too many chances to do right and they cannot. Dynamic Airways is trash. It is being managed by people who don’t care, and are clueless. Dynamic is a looser. Customer, do yourself a big favor and don’t book your next flight with Dynamic. Airline from hell is Dynamic. Fellow Guyanese, don’t settle for mediocrity; you deserve better.

  3. It’s sad to see the way Dynamic airways is treating the guyanese people. I don’t blame Dynamic airways I blame the government of Guyana. They let other countries and airlines treat us guyanese like we are sub human. You fly caribbean airlines they are rude and nasty to us in Trinidad.

  4. What a bloody shame . The travelling public deserves better. This Dynamic needs to bow out and quit. Too many excuses, too many delays and people sufferin. Too many crooks in the airline business. Now what is the next excuse of this Dynamic?


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