Gunmen rob Corentyne family of millions; residents protest police 2 – hour response



Some of the protesters.
Some of the protesters.

[] – Six gunmen invaded a Madia, Corentyne home yesterday, beating the family and escaping with millions in cash and jewellery.

The traumatized family is upset with the police response to the crime, as it took them some two hours to turn up at the crime scene. The police were also accused of not answering the telephone.

As a result, residents took to the streets yesterday, protesting against the police inaction at the Whim Police Station and accused the police of sloppy investigations, favoritism, corruption and harassment.

One of the ransacked rooms.
One of the ransacked rooms.

The residents complained bitterly to Alliance For Change (AFC) representatives during a meeting. AFC members, Abel Seetaram, Dr Verasammy Ramayya and Mark Ross supported the protest action.

Residents from both Tain and Maida villages came together and protested from Lancaster to Whim. The protesters numbered about 40, including young children.

robbery 2The robbery lasted for some 90 minutes, as the gunmen gained entry  by breaking the concrete fence, shattering several glass windows and prying open a grill. They also fired shots indiscriminately.



  1. Gray i told you many times this will not change,,unless the force is reformed,,as long as you ppl depend on one nation serving, Sorry you get what you pay for,,,its a crying shame that families have to live in fear,,,

  2. The police should try and get their act together. At the same time I wish to ask ,What is this family doing with millions in cash and jewellery in their home,especially since people are being warned so often not to keep large amounts of cash at home?

  3. Lots of police man buying premo, spacio,etc where they get that kind of money and most of them just join the force. U have avehicle with light tint they pull u over and they doing worst than that. U in u house playing ur music moderately n ur neighbour call for them,well is a jeep load coming and also some driving their own vehicle too so what inews can say about that. We need proper security we r not safe with the police force.

  4. Citizens of Guyana have no fear for PPP Rohee and PPP Seelall and the entire PPP cabal have you covered.
    A day will come maybe when pig can fly that PPP members will say enough of this shit. I will not fear my US and Canadian Visa be revoked and muster up the balls to take the fight to criminals they hire as police to protect citizens.
    U bet the police got their share of the loot before they show up at the crime scene.

  5. What the HELL KIND A NONSENCE IS THIS:?? Robbers there NINETY MINUTES:: Shots Fired: Breaking concrete & windows, shattering & NO POLICE: This doesn’t sound RIGHT. I would start checking THE POLICE::

  6. when these things happen the police should be investigated..because lately a lot of criminals joining the police they know when to go to a crime seen and when not to go


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