Several injured in early morning accident

The mangled car.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

One of the injured passengers from the motorcar.
One of the injured passengers from the motorcar.

[] – Several persons received injuries in an early morning accident at Lamaha and Camp Streets, Georgetown when an Allion motorcar slammed into a route 44 Minibus.

According to the minibus driver, Joshua Daniels, the car was speeding at the time of the accident, which occurred at approximately 07:00hrs. iNews understands that two persons have reportedly received serious injuries.

Daniels said he was cautious on the road at the time, since the traffic light was not working. He told iNews that this is his first accident in his 18 years driving experience.

The minibus involved in the accident
The minibus involved in the accident

The driver of the car, Arfeene Ayube was visibly shaken and said he can hardly remember what occurred.

The mangled car.
The mangled car.

“All I know is that I was coming from the main road and I didn’t see the bus from nowhere and it just lash me. Meh father can’t even catch he self, I don’t know; I really don’t know,” the bloodied man told iNews.



  1. i know right from the picture you can clearly see the bus hit the car and from experience from travelling on that same 44 route i can tell you that most of those buses claim to drive slowly when the traffic lights are not working; but of course they lie when the lights are not working its the worst they always try to hurry across the road before anyone else just like when the timer is almost up on the light…………..i think the mini buss driver is just trying to save his ass

  2. Y’all asses so stupid not to see is the damn bus which hit the car and pushed it thirty feet over which was measured by the police….so before y’all talk nonsense y’all shud use ur damn head and don’t talk nonsense….

    P.s is the bus hit the car …..

  3. I don’t think ppl should go about placeing blame until they are sure where to put it. This matter must be investigated properly before any action is taken

  4. These idiots dont have any courtesy on the road. Somes you have the right away bit still you need to be careful. Some of them cut infront of you and expect you to stop automatically. Then they ready to cuss u down even if u express the least dissatisfaction! The police got to be more vigilant for these reckless fools!

  5. The mini bus driver was wrong..take his Ass to court n let him get jailed..damn bus drivers are the worst drivers

  6. he ent see de bus? he blind..he should not be big dummies dont know the rules of the roads..traffic lights not working..treat it as a 4 way stop…boom…this wont happen..had they gone to driving skool they wood ave learned this..


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