GPHC refutes claims of lack of critical medical supplies for raped prisoner


By Kurt Campbell

CEO of the GPHC, Michael Khan.
CEO of the GPHC, Michael Khan.

[] – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Michael Khan during a telephone interview with iNews on Wednesday (January 15) refuted claims that the institution has been found wanting in providing critical medical supplies to the male prisoner who was reportedly abused by a Police Officer.

Relatives over the last 24 hours have been appealing to the public to assist them in providing for the abused Colwyn Anthony Harding colonoscopy bags and other medical supplies. They had even asked for him to be moved to a private institution as they lament the lack of key medical supplies, specifically the colonoscopy bags.

However, the Hospital CEO says that all medical supplies for the patient are available and he could not understand why there was so much clamoring over the issue.

He did confirm that there was a slight delay in the delivery of the bags to Harding who has been there for over a month, but maintains that all medical supplies are available.

Constable Singh is accused of sexually, verbally and physically abusing Harding by forcing a police baton with a condom up his anus. Harding was arrested on November 15, 2013 at a house in Timehri North; the abuse reportedly occurred one day after his arrest. He has been hospitalized ever since.

On Wednesday, the Alliance for Change (AFC) backed relatives claim that the institution was out of key medical supplies.

The injured Colwyn Harding.
The injured Colwyn Harding.

The AFC said its New York Chapter was sending down colonoscopy bags and other medical supplies for Harding. The AFC said the lack of supplies was a serious indictment and had asked for the Minister of Health or the Head of the GPHC to explain why these supplies were not available.



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