GDF Special Forces en-route to crashed aircraft; first order will be to locate and rescue survivors

Dead Pilot: Blake Slater
Missing Pilot: Blake Slater
Missing Pilot: Blake Slater

[] – Director of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Zulficar Mohamed, on Sunday afternoon (January 19)  said progress has been made in attempts to get to the crashed Trans Guyana Aircraft after it was sighted just after noon today.

According to him two Guyana Defence Force (Special Forces) ranks are on ground and are approximately one mile away from the crash site. Depending on the terrain, which is said to be densely forest, the time span for the ranks reaching the crashed area will vary.

iNews was informed that once the officers get to the site their first order is to rescue, once alive, the crew members. A Canadian born Pilot, Blake Slater and a Cargo Loader were said to have been on the (Cargo) flight which had just taken off from Olive Creek, when it went down at about 10:50hrs on Saturday (January 18).

Their whereabouts remained unknown since.

According to Mohamed the aircraft was spotted at about 12:35hrs by members of the GDF who were searching the area using a chopper.

He said the site proved hard for anyone to get to by air and thus the Special Forces had to use land, which was in fact more accessible.

“At this time we cannot tell you what is the status of the passenger until the GDF is there and the first thing they need to do at the site is to extract the personnel and when that is finished the site will be secured for the GCAA persons to investigate… this security is necessary to ensure that the site and information is not contaminated and we have to have the first access to the site” Mohamed said.

Details will be provided as it becomes available.



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