GDF rank charged with murder of Agricola woman; to appear in Court today

Murdered: Donna Taylor.

By Leroy Smith

Dead. Donna Taylor.
Dead. Donna Taylor.

[]It is very likely that “Abby” the Guyana Defense Force Private will make a court appearance today, Wednesday February 5 in Georgetown where the capital offense charge will be read to her. The Agricola resident is the main suspect in the murder of her ex-boyfriend’s mother, Donna Taylor which occurred on Friday night at the home of the 55 – year – old woman.

iNews was informed that there was some amount of laxity in getting the file ready in time for court yesterday, Tuesday January 4.

Last evening, the husband of the dead woman said that he is afraid that the incident could turn his son into a monster who may want to seek revenge since he lost the person closest to him.

Bertram Taylor told iNews that the media has proven to be more concerned about his wife’s death and seems to be trying to ensure that justice is served while the police continue to keep the family in the dark with respect to the progress of the investigation.

Taylor said that the police have been feeding the family no word with respect to the investigation and it was only through media reports that family members were aware that the GDF rank was charged.

During a telephone interview, the man said that he served Guyana through the national Service – the Guyana Defense Force and Sporting arena and now that his wife has been dragged from her home and murdered in the yard is very painful.

According to him, the person(s) who murdered his wife really wanted to get to his son and they took the closest thing away from him. He recalled that there were times when he would be forced to ask his son “wait man this is who wife me own or you own?” referring to the excellent relationship the young man had with his mother.

Grieving husband, Bertrum Taylor. [iNews' Photo]
Grieving husband, Bertrum Taylor. [iNews’ Photo]
Mr. Taylor explained that his son and wife did everything together and her death has left him in shock so much that he has been rendered speechless since the incident and has not communicated with anyone.

“We need love and comfort, that will make my son feel good or he could turn out to be something that we don’t want,” Taylor told iNews.

Taylor is of the view that the family is still at risk and is fearful for their lives given the nature of the incident and the person involved. The main suspect is from Agricola and lives with her relatives a few corners away from where the actual murder occurred.

Police held the GDF rank as the main suspect after she turned up at the police station wearing a pants which she did not have on when the police visited the murder scene earlier on the night in question.

At the police station, the woman when asked why she changed the pants told the police that paint fell on the pants and it had to be changed. However checks by investigators revealed that the pants the woman changed was in fact stained with blood. The pants has been taken by the police and will be used as part of the exhibit when the trial begins.



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