GAPSO ‘embarrassed’ after Security Guard is charged with armed robbery

Keon Allen. [iNews' Photo]

Keon Allen. [iNews' Photo]
Keon Allen. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations (GAPSO) says it is disappointed that a member of the Private Security Industry has been charged and remanded to prison for Robbery under Arms.

iNews reported yesterday that Security Guard, Keon Allen, 28 and his alleged accomplice, a Miner, Andrew Pollydore, 27 were both remanded to prison for an armed robbery which occurred on November 27 at Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara. It is alleged that armed with a gun, they robbed Rabindranauth Sukhram of one Toyota Primio motorcar valued $3.3 M.

GAPSO in a statement following the report noted that it finds this “kind of alleged criminal conduct to be tasteless, offensive and quite frankly, we are angry that any Security Officer would squander the good will we have worked so hard to build within our community.”

According to the statement, “As Security Officers we have chosen a profession that elevates ourselves above the expectations of regular citizens and we are expected to act accordingly. The very prospect that a Security Officers, someone whom the public holds in a high regard because of the manner in which we safeguard the public, could possibly exploit this trust in such a vile and inexcusable way is highly disappointed and embarrassing.”

GAPSO explained that this allegation should not reflect on the professionalism of the members of GAPSO or the Private Security Industry.

“While this incident is very troubling and tugs at our integrity, it is an isolated incident and by no means a reflection of the thousand of Security Officers who perform their duties with honor and professionalism on a daily basis.”




  1. Well said GAPSO.
    This was what our forefathers stood for.
    There is lots of truth in what Charles Barkley said.
    Yes, I agree with him that the looters of Ferguson are ‘scumbags’.
    The ‘John Carlos’ are the black leaders who need to take stock.
    Endorse lawlessness and invite your own destruction.

  2. andrew stop your shit..your people born to teef its in their dna…yall eat so much burnom horse shit till yall cant think.

  3. Thank you,,until such time wages and salaries can reflect the needs of and family crime will not be reduced,,,the only ppl living large in Guyana is the drug lords ,,

  4. Make the package competitive for teacher nurse and the armed forces and u will get qualified ppl to provide quality service for ur money


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