AFC losing ground in East Berbice as APNU struggles to salvage reputation in Linden – PPP

Mr Granger greets some of his supporters shortly after his speech.
AFC Members share the platform with members of the APNU during a recent rally at the Square of the Revolution.
AFC Members share the platform with members of the APNU during a recent rally at the Square of the Revolution.

[] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says that the hopes of Presidential Candidate of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Moses Nagamottoo to garner support for his Party from East Berbice communities seem to be dwindling as most residents from Whim and Port Mourant boycotted two rallies by the Party.

The PPP in a statement noted that this is a clear indication that those who voted for the Party has lost confidence in them and are therefore returning to the PPP/C.

The ruling Party is of the view that the turnout at both rallies which were held at the weekend was less than favorable.

However, AFC members had told iNews earlier in the week that the rally at Whim, Corentyne Region 6 saw an “excellent turn out” despite inclement weather and frequent power outages.

At least two AFC members took to their Facebook pages; complaining that the power outages were most likely deliberate.

According to the Party’s Chairman Nigel Hughes, the power outages came just as the main speakers were about to address the rally and electricity was returned after they were completed.

Nonetheless, Hughes says “it was an excellent meeting, a new day beckons.”

Executive Member and AFC Parliamentarian, Moses Nagamootoo reported in the AFC Facebook group that the gathering at Whim was one of the biggest he has seen outside of an elections season.

Meanwhile, the PPP in its statement noted that after being ‘booed’ out of a meeting recently in the Mining Town of Linden, “Opposition Leader David Granger in attempt to salvage what he thinks is left in that community dispatched a new team. However, that team too was not able to accomplish much as Granger is trying desperately to regain lost ground, a little too late.”



  1. .You are as thieving and corrupt as your PPP/C party members. You do not have to answer to us in this life you have to answer god good luck with that.

  2. My question to Mr Rumotar, and his goat man friend, why not capitalize on the opposition dwindling support and call early election ASAP! since you guys are so confident of your victory ahead, call election Mr Rumotar, I bet my last dollar Rumotare aka Lamator wouldn’t be contesting the election as the presidential candidate for the PPP/C party,I throw my support behind the goat man aka “Goat nah bite me” for El presidente, after all he is the voice of the PPP/C Govt.

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  5. jon good to see u laid a black eye on the pnc man raaaaj..
    jon..with all these indian named blogger in favor of pnc one has to wonder how pnc does lose election hahahahahahaha.

  6. It is funny that you should say that, because all I hear from you PPP/C people is that Burnham did this, and Burnhan did that, and Burnham is the cause of what happen to Guyana. What is that call not the same blame game.

    go figure.

  7. I think your parents abuse the freedom of eating. In those days they had to eat what they have but today the choice is greater. Today you can blame anybody for anything. You blaming hospital for death and some blaming Ramotar for the excess rain. Back in those days when your parents were healthy you couldn’t even think the word blame because of the great dictatorship. Today we have the freedom to speak and even eat.

  8. I am not a PNC supporter and I said what you are quoting in your response. I was told that While flour was not good for me by my doctor. My parents never had diabetes, high blood pressure before in Burnham time. They now have it in PPP/C time. All the white mouth and swell belly did not kill them, but the food stuff the PPP/C give them now is killing them. The PPP/C private hospitals making a killing on Guyanese. It was during the PPP/C reign that HIV became rampant in this country, it was during their reign that drugs became a means to an end for Guyanese. It was during the PPP/C time that Government MP can become billionaires over night,

    Why should we buy grapes, nuts, strawberry potatoes when we have substitutes in Guyana for those fruits. Do you see foreign countries buying our guava, dounges, star apple, etc and selling them. Why the hell should we import theirs.

    Go Figure.

  9. Go! AFC Go!. You job this election is to damage the PPP/C in Berbice their stronghold. People in Guyana are fed up and they want a change. Go! AFC Go!

  10. Hey Gray, Please educate your friend a little, race should not be his problems. His parents are the author of his predicament. tell him not to vote race, vote for Development, for the continuous economic growth, vote for prosperity, not Bankruptcy. Gray, when ever you see him, please refer to him as “Dougla”.
    In Guyana we do say Coolie, Coolie boy, Coolie man, Black boy, Black man, Dougla boy, Dougla man, and we eat in the same pot too.

  11. Stop your racial crap, you are 100% of African descent.
    Do not smear Indian people.
    AFC on a whim fooled the people of Whim.
    gwan you stupit self daside.

  12. Don’t be fooled by the haters of Guyana! Don’t believe those Kaieteur news lies! Don’t believe false rumors of Guyana’s haters! Don’t listen to those who curse Our loving Guyana! Don’t listen to those evil minded ones that speak negatives! The PNC wants us to believe that imported food stuff gives “AIDS”. Remember Satan is the father of lies. Let me attempt to quote a little piece from a PNC, “NOW THE SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE DYING FOR THE WHITE FLOUR,IS NOW BEING TOLD BY THEIR DOCTOR, THAT WHITE FLOUR IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM ……………………
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    The PNC said something like “THE POOR WHO THE GOVERNMENT DON’T GIVE A DAM ABOUT” That’s not true. The PPP has turn hundreds, and hundreds of “DAM” into all weather roads. What about apples, grapes, nuts, straw berry, potato, onion, garlic,channa, peas, tomato paste,…..?

  13. So who should I align myself with and vote for since my mother is East Indian and father is a black man.

    We lived my mothers parents (East Indians) in a predominately indian village and my father and mother were constantly harassed and ridiculed by Indians for their interracial marriage. We then bought our own home in a predominately black man neighbourhood and everyone was loving to the family.

    My mother got hit and mugged by her own villagers in her parents neighbourhood but it never happened in the black man neighbourhood. So stop spreading racial hate.

  14. Whimers and Port Mouranters SHOULD NOT boycotted rallies by the afc Party.
    They should come in droves and ask Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo why they took their votes and hand it over to PNC in Parliament.
    The ask Ramjattan and Nagamootto in the presence of Nigel Hughes if they condoned it when he ordered the Agricola Public Road atrocity on east indians someof whom vote for afc. the crowd must confront these bastards.
    the crowd should ask ramjattan and nagamoottoo if they fight for them to get electricity cost reduced to 5 dollars like how they stir the shit up in linden where they are paying 5 dollars. they took the peoples votes and surrender it to andrew the black pnc crablouse who eat bunom horse shit to this day. andrew hate collie people with a passion but want the collie votes to put his pnc in power to clean burnham horse shit as andrew says collie did.

  15. Nagamootoo could have count the supporters at the meeting in whim and port mourant. if that is a big turnout well there is confidence that they AFC have lost significant supporters.


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