Gang rape of 18 – Y – O male: Prime Suspect denies involvement

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

By Leroy Smith

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.
The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

[] – A 17 – year – old who is accused of leading a gang of nine others to rape his male friend on New Year’s Eve has denied any involvement and knowledge of the incident.

The victim, an 18 – year – old, is slowly regaining consciousness, according to his mother. The teen was unconscious for almost seven days after the ordeal, which has left him bed stricken at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The main suspect into the rape was arrested by the Police but was subsequently released on bail. During an interview with iNews on Wednesday, January 14, he vehemently denied the allegations.

The suspect and victim had reportedly worked together at the same supermarket.

“I don’t know where this whole thing about rape coming from. He has to know when I put he in the car at 9 pm where he went. He never meet home till the next afternoon. I don’t know where ten men came from and I never see him with men.”

The young man accused the victim of being mentally unstable. “But he is a flighty person but me and he is still friend. Everyone knows that he flighty and the whole village knows that. When customers some in the store he does cuss them up for no reason. He does come to work and he does not even eat or drink anything.”

The teenager admitted that he did take his friend to a Party on January 01, 2015 which was filled with male and female adults, but maintained that he sent the teenager home in a taxi.

According to the young man, the 18 – year – old behaved in a strange manner at the Party.

“As soon as this guy walked into the party he kept talking that someone wants to shoot he in the party; the girl ask he if he will eat and he say he ain’t want nothing to eat and he ain’t want nothing to drink. He start standing up one place all the time”

The 17 – year – old said he and his friends decided to place the young man in a minibus and send him home.

“He jump out of the bus and by the time we reach back at the party he was already there and say that someone wants to shoot him in the bus and he sat down and kept repeating that someone wants to shoot him in the bus.”

The young man told iNews that they subsequently called a taxi and stopped off at the Vreed – En – Hoop junction where he and some of his friends disembarked, while the 18 – year – old and one of their female friends proceeded home, as they live in the same village.

“I walking now to go home and he jump out the car and say I leave him alone to go, that someone inside the car wants to shoot he. So the girl and the car man start to laugh. Now he ain’t want to go inside and I stop another car and give the car man the money to drop him home so now I did not know what going on after then,” the young man detailed.

He told iNews that the next morning [January 02], the boy’s mother called him and said that her son did not return home.

Meanwhile, the rape victim’s mother had told iNews that she was informed by doctors that her son was raped repeatedly and that he is now traumatized and in a state of shock.

She said the teen was able to tell them what the men did to him before he lost consciousness. The teen still remains in a critical condition and is unable to speak.

She said that doctors there were reluctant to examine him and only did so when she insisted. The frustrated mother said that her son also implicated the Uncle of the friend and according her, after the boys raped him, the uncle threw her son out of the house and threatened to shoot him.

The woman also denied claims that her son is mentally challenged, but admitted that he has a physical disability.



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