Final lap of Clean-Up campaign ongoing



Clean up 1[] – The Clean –Up My Country Programme being implemented by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (MLGRD), is nearing completion.

Initially, the programme was scheduled to conclude by December 31, 2014; however according to a media release from the Ministry, the month of December saw a peak in the number of community clean-up still ongoing and late submissions of proposals for communities to be cleaned.

Under the Georgetown aspect of the programme, 63 communities from Agricola to Atlantic Ville were engaged in community clean-up activities; a total of 75 groups signed on to the Capital City cleanup project which saw 2,239 Community Enhancement Workers employed for the massive clean-up programme.

According to Collin Croal, Permanent Secretary, MLGRD, “due to the size of communities such as Albouystown, Meadow Brook Gardens, Alberttown, North East La Penitence, Kitty, Tucville, (Phase 1 & 2), South and North Cummingsburg, those areas were divided into phases which resulted in multiple contracts been signed for community clean-up”.image004

On the other hand, for majority of the communities which submitted proposals for community clean-up signed one contract each. To wrap up the Clean-Up My Country Programme, communities in Georgetown where there are critical issues of residents dumping garbage in public spaces and in water ways will be provided with residential garbage receptacles and bags with the aim of encouraging persons to dispose of their garbage in a more responsible manner.

In addition, skip metal bins will be distributed to the Georgetown Municipal Markets to assist with the maintenance of healthy sanitation and to encourage proper garbage disposal.



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