Four Policemen charged in $6M cocaine bribe case

Two of the Police Constables
Two of the Police Constables
Two of the Police Constables

[] – Three police constables were on Friday refused bail by Magistrate Ann McLennan for allegedly receiving bribe in the sum of $6M in return for granting a free pass to a bus and its occupants they intercepted with cocaine.

Ray Drepaul Saul of Eversham Village, 26-year-old Trevon McKenzie of Princeton Village, Corentyne, and 42-year-old Shawn McPhoy of Lot 174 Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt, all pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The three junior ranks were remanded to prison.

However, Assistant Superintendant 48- year- old Terrence Browne was charged separately and granted bail in the sum of $250,000.

The policemen are accused of corruptly obtaining from Renason  Park the sum of $6M as an inducement for forbearing to charge him with trafficking narcotics.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones successfully opposed bail on the likelihood that the defendants may tamper with witnesses.

The three junior ranks were all remanded to prison while Browne was ordered to lodge his passport with the police and the matter was transferred to Whim Magistrate Court, for October 12.



  1. And what became of Shawn Hinds? He confessed to be a member of the Death Squad, said the PNC were his handlers, and that he took directives and was given weapons from officers at CID. And Shawn Hinds is walking the streets a free man.

    Things have certainly changed.

  2. These police men took a GY$6M bribe to let a bus carrying cocaine continue its trip without seizure. And they are being made to pay the price.
    In mid-May, two persons stole GY$28M from GPL. They admitted to the theft. This is October 2, and they have not been arrested.
    And the authorities want us to believe they are on the ball against corruption? I am waiting to see if the GY$600M PSM case will fizzle.
    The more things change….

  3. Another great show of how justice is served, this is why the citizens have to keep accepting shit, the senior official should have been the only one jailed and the bad apples thrown out, nothing will happen if we do not get rid of the barrel that is spoiling all the fruit, this is the end results of PRIVATE PERSONAL PROTECTION, its always the poor fools feeling the squeeze,,,,,nothing will happen to the BIG CRIMINAL ASP thieving TB,,,what a shame on this justice system,


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