Former policeman confesses to being a member of the death squad

Sean Hinds
Shawn Hinds
Sean Hinds

[] – Former policeman, Sean Hinds has finally broken his silence and has confessed to being part of the death squad in Guyana back in 2002/2003, which was responsible for bringing down several armed criminals who had escaped from the Camp Street Prison in February 2002.

Hinds made the revelation during an exclusive interview with Travis Chase of HGPTV Nightly News on Tuesday, July 21, where he also noted that he took direct orders from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to Hinds, the CID also provided the death squad with weapons and that he worked with the late Axel Williams, who was gunned down several years ago.

“Years ago they said I was part of a killing squad …I can’t deny that. I can’t sit here and deny that…If I wasn’t a part of a killing squad, this country wouldn’t a got law and order …because there was Shawn Brown, Dale Moore and Chip Teeth.”

Hinds made it clear that there is a difference between the “phantom squad” and the “death squad”, pointing out that he was part of the latter.

“Well the boss was a man named Axel Williams who I worked under. Late at night you would see people burn up people in car on the seawall and we used to go after these people including the police! Not we alone…the police was part of it! We used to get guns from the police…I used to go uplift a gun from CID headquarters; a machine gun so this thing was not no one sided affair… where I’m operating on my own army and Axel Williams operating upon he own…We was guided and in communication with senior people from CID headquarters,” Hinds said.

Up until recently, the former policeman acted as a bodyguard for the now sacked Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.

When asked by Travis Chase if he communicated with any officials under the then People’s Progressive Party government, Hinds said, “Well I can tell you this, all my orders came from CID headquarters and there is evidence to this day…I have communication with me and people communicating saying what need to be done and how it need to be done; what guns to be used and what must be done and how you must do it and don’t leave this in the streets.”

Hinds, along with Mark Thomas and Ashton King were charged with the murder of George Bacchus in February 2004. Days before his death, Bacchus had publicly confessed to being a death squad informant.

Hinds, however was acquitted of the charge in the High Court.

“And when the shit hit the fan I alone get charged…I was never a whistle blower, a squealer. I bear my chafe, I go in jail; I come out, no one offered me $5000…$1000. I bear my chafe; I spend for lawyer, I spend for food everything.”

Phone records had revealed that Axel Williams had been in constant contact with then Home Affairs Minister under the PPP government, Ronald Gajraj at specific times.

A Stabroek News report had noted that Williams was found to have made at least 118 calls to a mobile telephone that was used by Gajraj over a twelve-day period at the height of which six unexplained murders occurred. Gajraj is now Guyana’s High Commissioner to India.

Williams was killed in Bel Air by a lone gunman, reportedly after he had refused to carry out the killing of a drug lord.

Hinds was charged with kidnapping a 13-year-old girl in 2009 and also in the July 2012 multi-million robbery of Annie Ramsood in Bel Air but those charges were withdrawn on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions.



  1. Thank you Emile for shedding light on some of the intrigues and little known facts the public is not privy to such as the Gagraj connex. Wonder what the die hard racist supporters of the PPP will say now. Like some who swear their party is stocked full of saints. The nerve of ramotar pointing fingers at APNU/AFC roger khan and this garbage hinds operated with the full knowledge.and support of some members of the PPP.
    No way they did not know whatt was afoot. The government should talk to hinds ASAP he will be found soon in some bush.

  2. Mr. Hinds must be given something in exchange for his vast knowledge of that period. He must give a report under oath. Give name and dates of the other killers and the killed. Name the persons who gave the instructions to kill. What part did Mr. Roger Khan played? He must have information about the killers of Waddell, Minister Sawh, the three massacres , et cetera. Who were the politicians involved?

  3. This guy hinds should be grilled ASAP…regardless who he worked for…he took lives of people..

  4. Well, Hinds has no moral fibre to sit there and confess thinking that all is ok now. I give him three weeks until he too is found at the side of the road in a pool of blood

  5. Thank you clarifying the Gajraj Indian high commissioner situation. Well I am not hearing from all the PPP soupies on this topic, where are they now with they criminal selves. I want to hear who kill that minister, his family and his body guard? that was a very bad thing the body guard died doing his job and left his family, I still think about that family. By the way I cannot his name, someone can refresh my memory.

  6. SILENCE!!! mouth open story jump out, this house slave should be arrested and jailed for whatever criminal activity he and all involved,this is a confession of murder without justice. The COP warned of that kind of justice,so lets see if any action will be taken in this matter. This jackass need to be placed in a stable, he admitted to being JUDGE and Jury. The stray catching unit has to round up all the jackasses involved, peepeepee at it again,,

  7. Gajraj resigned as High Commissioner to India after the PPP lost.
    The PPP knows about all the Police death squad and Khan Phantom Squad extra-judicial killings.
    Axel Williams was responsible for the Police death squad, while Roger Khan was responsible for the Phantom Squad.
    Williams was reportedly asked to kill a certain drug lord, but was gunned down in Bel Air Park when he refused.
    Khan, now suspected in Williams’ death, then became the only leader of one unified extra-judicial squad, whose duties went from killing dangerous criminals to murder for hire hits.
    At this point, George Bacchus, a squad informant, complained to Gajraj that the squad strayed from its original mandate, but Gajraj ignored him.
    Bacchus then sought out Nagamootoo (and I think Ramjattan), but when Nagamootoo took up the matter with the PPP executive, they ignored him, so he blurted out that he was finished with them and he left.Next day, Ramotar sent him a letter thanking him for his services.
    It was the first evidence the PPP knew about the extra-judicial killings, thanks to the involvement of Ronald Gajraj and Leslie Ramsammy whose names have previously been called in MY court as facilitators.
    Now, Hinds says he received guns and orders from the CID for his death squad operations, and this directly implicates Floyd McDonald.
    How can Bharrat Jagdeo, whose government was being threatened by criminal gangs, not know about the saviors of his government? How can the PPP not know about Roger Khan or Shawn Hinds’ extra judicial activities?
    We will now see whether APNU+AFC will take a stand or turn its back on this development.

  8. HEAR YE…HEAR YE..SHAUN HINDS IS SINGING LIKE A PARROT…Gajraj involved in the death squad 2009…The PPP and the DPP all these crooked people was involved. Get this Gajraj is with the high commissioner in India. Thanks to Jagdeo, to all the soupies i am interested in knowing what they have to say about this breaking news. I would like to know also who killed the minister , his family and his body guard. I heard that was a hit ordered by the PPP. To this I say let’s stay tune more confessions will come out. O boy the PPP has a lot to answer to God for their deeds.
    I am expecting to see lots of blogger going at this one.


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