20-Y-0 male sex worker shot dead in Georgetown

Dead: Noel Luther

By Leroy Smith

Dead: Noel Luther
Dead: Noel Luther

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Twenty – year – old male sex worker, Noel Luther of Durban Street, Wortmanville was shot and killed by a man at Carmichael Street in the vicinity of the Bishops High School early Wednesday morning, July 22.

Preliminary information reaching iNews reveal that Luther was killed after one of his ‘clients’ complained to a friend that he did not like the ‘service’ he received from the sex worker after paying his money.

iNews learnt that the friend went to his vehicle and informed another friend of the poor service, who them armed himself with a gun and approached the sex worker to return the money.

An argument ensued between Luther and the armed man when he was shot. Speaking with iNews, Otis also known as ‘Otesha’ within the gay community, said that he approved for the young man to be among them on the “fare corner” just about a year ago after he came and explained that he was having problems at home.

According to Otesha, he was not at the location at the time the incident took place but he was told that several of the sex workers who were at scene have video footage and photos of the man who was not pleased with the services that were rendered to him by the now dead young male sex worker.

The police are also hoping to retrieve surveillance footage from a building at the location which should be able to provide them with the registration number for the CRV that the man arrived in, which can then lead them to the shooter.




  1. wa yall saying sorry for n rip he a fish father bun down a city for that bun fish ..iya go home

  2. The filth that is America has crossed borders and now just as prevalent in Guyana unfortunate but it is a reality.

  3. Very sad, may your soul rest in peace. That individual never intended to pay for the service, whether satisfied, mediocre or dissatisfied. Hope he/they are found.


    When your profession is prostitution, you are exposed to extreme danger from Johns/Clients. Some of which can be lethal.

    However, all crimes committed are illegal and inhumane, and MUST be dealt with by the law abiding authorities and courts.

  5. Now this is extremely sad this 20 year old sex worker died because he did not give good customer service. If this was not so serious I would have said he should have been better trained. RIP Noel Luther.


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