Former Policeman escapes execution attempt

Dead: Ravi Outar
Ravi Outar
Ravi Outar

[] – A former Police man is currently hospitalized after a failed execution attempt in front of his home in Berbice on Wednesday, June 10.

According to a police statement, at about 20:00 hrs, 39-year-old Ravi Outar of Rose Hall, Corentyne was standing on the roadway in front of his home when he was approached by a man who discharged several rounds from a firearm at him and escaped.

Police say that Outar was hit about his body and has been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Reports indicate that relatives believe that the shooting was a clear attempt at an execution given that the man approached and started shooting without uttering a word.

Police Investigations are in progress.



  1. Outar worked very hard as a cop, wonder what he is doing now ? Ppl just dont target you,good guy he has to watch it now,,hope the catch them.get well bro

  2. their people came for you and u will have your people go after them so the wild west scenes must play out in guyana


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